Attractions in the Rwenzori mountains national park

The following below are the main attractions in the Rwenzori mountain national parks in both routes


Mountains national park is well recognized for its diverse flora than its fauna, for hikers who climb following route to the peaks always go through various vegetation zones ranging from tropical rain forests to tree heathers and motane alpine and bamboo. Relief type of rain fall is normally received in the area and plant types are used for herbal collection to cure different illness with in the communities and the common trees in this area include, the yellow wood tree, read stink wood, podocarpus milanjianus, symphonia globulifera which has waxy red flowers, vernonia adolfi-friderici, wild banana, tree ferns, begonia, and balasms.

The peaks

The Rwenzori mountains national park has a wild altitude rising from about 1600m to 510m above sea level. There are numerous ranges in the park at the centre of which are six main mountain peaks. The equatorial snow peaks can be reached by hikers through central circuit and kilembe trails and six main mountain peaks include  mt stanley with peaks that include, Margharita peak at 510m, alexadria peak at 5091m, albert at 5087m, elena at 4968m, great tooth at 4929m, phillip at 4919m, Kitasamba at 4862m, Nyabibuya at 4865m. mount Baker, mount Gessi, mount speke, mount Emin, Luigi di Saviola and these mountains have some other peaks speaking on them.


The park is habitant to 217 species of birds and 17 species are edemic to the mountain Rwenzori Park making it an important birding area. The forest zone contain a diversity of birds including the Rwenzori Turaco, Great blue Turaco, handsome fracolin, black weaver bird, mountain olive thrush, Black headed weaver bird, yellow vented bull-bull, sun birds, long eared owl, cinnamon chested Bee-eater, Rwenzori Batis, flycatchers and crimson wings.


There are many lakes in Rwenzori national park of different sizes which have acted as sources of the rivers and the most accessible of all is lake mahoma at 2651m in the bird rich forest of the central circuit, the beatiful lake bujuku which lies at the apex of deep,glacier curved bujuku valley, lake Kitandara which is green, lake Kabanda. Various streams of rivers start from the mountains and they include River Mubuku, River Kyoho, River Mahoma, River Nyamileju and River Kasamba

Advantages of Rwenzori mountain national park to the people around

Rwenzori mountain national park has led to creation of employment opportunities to people around the park such as guides, porters, rangers, and cooks

The park has led to construction of infrastructures such as roads, schools, tapped water and hospitals to the people around Rwenzori mountains national park.

Rwenzori mountain national park has exposed the local communities to tourists through creating friendship



There are various other safari destinations travelers can transfer to while on holiday vacation in Uganda other than the majestic Mt. Rwenzoris. These destinations offer exceptional wildlife encounters to all and include;

Murchison Falls National Park

Suitably located in the North Western part of Uganda the park is very suitable for travelers looking to experience amazing wildlife encounters. There are various wildlife animals that inhabit the thick forest vegetation and these can be spotted while transferring along the tracks in the park. The park is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Uganda with animals like the Giraffe, elephants, kobs, lions, leopards, small antelopes, buffalo, oribi, hyenas, waterbuck, etc. Game drives are done along the numerous tracks in the park. Other than the game drives travelers can take on boat cruises along the prominent Victoria Nile at the bottom of the falls where travelers experience exceptional bird watching, clear views at the falls etc.

Kidepo National park

Also referred to as Africa’s wilderness with exceptional Savannah grasslands, Kidepo National Park is suitably located in the North Eastern part of Uganda offering wonderful wildlife safaris and scenery viewing to all travelers looking to encounter and experience the best of Uganda’s Nature. The park inhabits numerous species of wildlife animals i.e the giraffes, cheetahs, elephants, kobs, leopards, buffalo, etc. Transfer to this amazing wilderness to experience the best safari vacations in Uganda.

Lake Mburo National Park

Situated in Western Uganda in a few kilometers off Mbarara town, Lake Mburo national Park is very prominent and beautiful offering remarkable wildlife adventures to all travelers that transfer to Uganda for holiday Vacation. The park inhabits various wildlife animals and these include; zebras, elephant, kobs, eland, buffalo, small antelopes, etc. This can be easily accessed by all travelers transferring to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park as well as Mgahinga for Gorilla Trekking and Kibale Forest National park for chimpanzee tracking. There are Morning, Afternoon and Evening game drives offered at the park so as for travelers to enjoy watching the wildlife animals to the fullest as well as the nocturnal ones.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Located in the South Western part of Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park also offers exceptional experiences with wildlife species. The park has a variety of species to spot while on holiday adventure and these include; elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, kobs, oribi, small antelopes, deers, duicker, as well as the tree climbing lions which are most prominent in the Ishasha Sector where these are found relaxing/ resting in the fig tree branches. These provide exceptional memories to all as they relax in the trees watching you take their photos to keep for memories.

Bwindi Impenetrable National park

Situated in the South Western part of Uganda after Kisoro District, Bwindi is the most prominent National Park in Uganda offering unique Gorilla Trekking Adventures to all Travelers that wish and want to experience the Gorillas of Uganda. Gorilla trekking is the most popular safari activity carried out her and requires one to transfer through the thick forest vegetation after being briefed on the Dos and Don’ts around the rare species of Mt. Gorillas searching for these incredible apes. There are rules and regulations that govern the process well as what to wear to enjoy every bit of the activity. The Gorilla Trekking permit costs US $600 per person so book a Gorilla safari to the beautiful National park to enjoy the best encounters.

Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park is located in the Southern part of Uganda offering remarkable chimpanzee tracking safari experiences to all travelers interested in spotting the rare intelligent species of chimpanzees interact with their natural habitat. The park offers both chimpanzees tracking experiences where travelers encounter the chimpanzees for a period of an hour after searching for them for 2-4 hours and chimpanzee habituation experience where they stay in company with the chimpanzee from the time they wake up to the time they rest and sleep for the night (whole day experience). Book a safari to Uganda to experience the chimpanzees in Kibale Forest and Adventure that is remarkable.

Mgahinga National Park

Being the smallest National park in Uganda located in Kisoro District South West of Uganda, the park is another park inhabiting the rare species of Mountain Gorillas and currently, there are two Gorilla groups that can be tracked by travelers and these offer the same experience as that of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park due to the fact that the vegetation terrain is as clear as that of Volcanoes offering clear photography and navigation through to spot the Gorillas. The Gorilla trekking process is the same as that of Bwindi Forest.

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