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Maggie Tour Consultant

Maggie is a Reservation expert for the website of Rwenzori Mountaineering Service ( Active African Vacations LTD) , born & Raised in Kasese region close to Mountain Rwenzori National park.

My Life Style .

Since childhood, I have loved nature, the tropical climate and wildlife conservation and its the top reason as to why my daddy directed me to study tourism at degree level so that i can make my dream come true , so far i have explored most East African countries including Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Am more informed about the cultural practices of the local communities of the Bakonjo people in Kasese areas around Mountain Rwenzori National Park.

Education Background of Maggie

Am a gradate from Makerere University with bachelors Degree in Tourism and management in 2008, which provided me with required knowledge in tourism and my Internship practice was done at Uganda Wildlife Authority in Queen Elizabeth National Park & Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

My Hiking Experiences

My first time experience of Hiking was the Rwenzori Hike ( Margherita Peak) in 2010 ( May) and the Second Hike is Mountain Nyiragongo Hike in Democratic Republic Congo.

Company Office Details

Email: info@rwenzorimountaineeringservice.com
Tel No: +256 701 819 223