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Planning a Hiking adventure to Rwenzori Mountain National Park in Uganda or in Democratic republic of congo,don't get worried of where to stay while preparing a Rwenzori mountaineering tour / hiking trip once booked with Reliable Tour Operators.

We present to you an updated travel inform portal about Safari Lodges, Accommodation & Camping options used mostly by travelers that Visit Mountain Rwenzori National park.

Camping in Rwenzori Mountains

There is an extensive system of huts along the main circuit of the Rwenzori. These include Nyabitaba hut at 2650 meters, John Matte Hut at 3380 meters, the Bujuku Hut at 3977 meters, Elena Hut high on the flanks of Mt. Stanley at 4540 meters, the Kitandara Lake Hut at 4027 meters and the Guy Yeoman Hut down the Mubuku River Valley at 3260 meters.Accommodation @Mt. Rwenzori Uganda There are five huts on the Western side of the range in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These include Kyandolere at 1700 meters, Kalongi at 2140 meters, Mahungu at 3310 meters, Kyondo at 4303 meters and the Moraine hut at 4500 meters. All were built in 1942 (Osmaston, 2006). If you are going off the main circuit, it is possible to camp in tents and frequently under rock overhangs that are very common in the range.

Ruboni Camp site

  • Ruboni Community Camp, Ruboni Turaco view camp, Geo lodges Equator snow
  • Rwenzori Mountains Safari Lodge (Rwenzori Mountaineering Services)
  • Trekkers Hostel (Rwenzori Trekking Services)


Ruboni Community Camp is a located at the main gate of Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon in western Uganda. It is located on the hill side with the best views of the mountains of the moon. All facilities have a balcony to maximize the views. It is simply the best way to interact with the local people and enjoy the natural heritage of western Uganda.

It is owned by the Ruboni Community to offset the direct community pressure on the Rwenzori Mountain National Park, which is a world heritage site. All of the profits go to the local community to support conservation and community development. We use tourism as a vehicle for sustainable community development and conservation. So far, we have great successes you can both learn from and contribute to during your stay.

It offers authentic experiences with community involvement including hill climb, forest walks, village walks, traditional dance, home stays and handicrafts purchases. One can choose to camp, within the community to catch a glimpse of the highest margarita peak without paying park entrance fees. Ruboni Community Camp has secured an indigenous forest area by the park edges which is used for nature walks; and is like walking inside the park itself.

Activities and experiences:

• Restaurant and accommodation • Village walk • Forest walk • Hill climb walk with option of overnight camping • Traditional dance • Handicrafts

Activities at the Lodge

  • Ruboni Village Walk: See a traditional homestead, craft demonstrations and cultural performance
  • Hill Climb Walk: Mountain views of Margarita Peak, Africa's 3rd highest mountain
  • Nature Walk: Walk in the forest bordering the UNESCO World Heritage National Park
  • Bird Watching: Look for Rwenzori turacos; tiny, iridescent subirds and colorful bee-eaters
  • Traditional dance performances: Shown to you by the local youth group and you can join in to show your sty


This is found in Kasese District in Bugoye Sub-county 17km from the main tarmac road that continues to kasese.The Ruboni Cultural Visit is done outside of the Rwenzori Mountain within the Bakonzo Community that lives on the slopes and the Hills surrounding Mountain Rwenzori.The bakonzo people were culturally Hunters and lived in the mountains they are known to be polygamous. The cultural visit around involves Nyambuku Hill climbing which is about 2000m high and involves going up to the top where on a clear day, the margherita peak can easily be viewed. There is also a provision of camping on the Hill for a night. There is also a provision of a forest walk which is mainly done around the Buraro hill which is about 1500m high and this takes you 3-4hrs.

The Village walk involves meeting the local medicine man, the story teller, the traditional Healer, the black smith, craft makers, farmers in their farms and a Bakonzo Cultural dance. You will also visit some Home Steads where you will be taken through the daily activities like farming, fetching water with a rope around their heads and water Jericans behind their backs. Peel bananas, prepare food and stay with them for overnights.

If you are planning to trek the Rwenzori from the central circuit and therefore to reach the National Park entry point in Nyakalenjija, there are a number of hotels and lodges where you can stay. We reviewed them for your information. If you just wish to stay for few days relax on the foothills of the Rwenzori, you can choose one of these hotels and then plan some of the short one-day activities. If you are coming from Kampala, you will be just pleased to breathe such a fresh mountain air. Nyakalenjija is located at around 1600 meters above sea level.

Tours Holiday Inn (Ibanda)

Tours Holiday Inn Camp Base is located on the main road towards Nyakalenjija (about 2 km before), in Ibanda trading center. This hotel can accommodate up to 40 people in 15 self contained rooms plus extension building. The place was recently renovated and the rooms which were not self contained now they have private toilet. Also the water heaters are provided in each room and electricity is stable and reliable from public electricity supply. A part from the main building, there is another extension located behind the gardens, with an extra capacity of five self contained rooms. The place is very nice as it is surrounded by beautiful gardens with many plants and flower. From the front entrance, is operational a bar which also serves external visitors. Inside the hotel, there is a cozy and private dining room for restaurant and breakfast. Unique is the electrical coffee espresso machine. The kitchen provides a variety of cuisine, from continental to German style, to Italian style and when we went there in several occasions food was always very good. This hotel is owned by the trading company of Mr. Costantino Bwambale an entrepreneur of Kasese. The place has developed over the years and now it also has a conference center annexed. Rooms are available at a reasonable price from 45 USD single and 65 USD double or twin, breakfast inclusive.

Equator Snow Lodge.

The lodge in 2012 is still under construction, but when open it will be the only five stars accommodation in the area. It is built by Geolodges Uganda. The lodge has a spacious dining and restaurant halls, decorated with images and history of the Rwenzori. The main feature will be a number of cottages, with a raised wooden platform plus a construction with local stones. Actually it resembles the beauty of the structure of the Serena Ngorongoro Lodge in Tanzania. Bathrooms are spacious with windows overlooking the forest. The main area of the cottage is completed with a raised verandah where you can breathe and feel all the mountains around. The lodge is actually located near the entrance gate of Rwenzori Mountains National Park. We cannot provide photos as the lodge is not completed.

Mihunga Safari Lodge

Mihunga Safari Lodge was open in 2010 with five self contained, wooden cottages. It is located after Nyakalenjija, in Mihunga village as you proceed in the direction of the gate of the National Park, on the right side. The lodge is owned by the Rwenzori Mountaineering Services (RMS), the same who manage also the huts along the central circuit. The restaurant and dining hall is quite big and the kitchen provides continental food and local food. The electricity is provided for few hours during the evening with a generator. Hot water is provided through the system of warming up water with fire. Reservations for Mihunga Lodge are through the Rwenzori Mountaineering Service.

Rwenzori Turaco View Campsite.

Rwenzori Turaco View Campsite is a new lodge and offers a restaurant, bar, three room’s accommodation in bandas and the camping site. The place is community run and co-owned by Mr. John Baluku. The location is in Mihunga village. The camping site has also some eco-san toilets and showers. The restaurant offers typical Ugandan food and is cooked traditionally. We were much welcomed here and we hope that this new lodge will see some development and marketing in the next years.