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Rwenzori Trekking Routes & Trails - Mountains of the moon Climbing Routes

Rwenzori is home to the highest mountains in Uganda, and Africa’s highest mountain. Many people from different parts of the world visit Uganda each year to hike to the summit of this mountain.

The mountain is a home to various tree and plant species, as well as flowers. If you enjoy amazing mountain scenery and hiking but don't have advanced mountaineering skills, there are two routes around the region that give you a spectacular Rwenzori experience without the overwhelming challenge of ascending these mountains. There are special things about exploring the Rwenzori Mountains and these two routes will offer you all the scenic beauty of the region.

Rwenzori Central Circuit

The Rwenzori Central Circuit is the oldest and most popular route used to get to the stunning Margherita Peak on Mountain Rwenzori. It is managed and operated by the indigenous Bakonjo people who reside around the Mountain.

Mountain Rwenzori Hike

The major reason as to why it was considered an ideal Route to the Peak is, unlike other Routes, the Central Circuit Route is easy and less challenging for hikers that are not that fit. It also has numerous things to offer to all hikers and these include; beautiful views of all the other portal peaks i.e Baker, Speke and Stanley, vegetation Terrain, Bird Species, mammal species, primates etc.

The Ascension and Descend of the Mountain along this Route is remarkable due to the fact that hikers can transfer along various paths/ trails which offer hikers an opportunity to explore and discover more of the Mountain.

Accommodation along this route is in form of wooden Cabins at particular stops for all hikers.

Kilembe trail

The Kilembe Trail is another option for hikers despite the fact that it is more challenging for hikers to get to the Margherita Peak than the Central Circuit Route. It is rough and complicated to win recommending all less experienced hikers not to take on this route. It is difficult and very steep making you use a lot of energy along the Hiking process.

Climbing Mountain Rwenzori

It is a very stunning route to take due to its outstanding beauty offering hikers a chance to explore more on the various paths/ trails they take as they ascend and descend the Mountain.

The varying paths/ trails give you an opportunity to view the changing scenery which includes; the Forested Area, Rocky Areas, Boogy Environment as well as the Pristine Environment.

For all avid Hikers, this should be your Route to the Margherita Peak due to its challenging experience. You will sleep in the cabins along the Mountain at various stops.

Map of Routes at Mountain Rwenzori Uganda

Mountain Rwenzori Hike