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5 Days Rwenzori Trek, margherita Peak - Rwenzori Mountaineering Service

Rwenzori Mountaineering has tailored the alternative short of 5 Days Rwenzori margherita trek to enable travelers explore the rwenzori mountains in famous national park of Uganda and DR congo.
5-days Rwenzori Trek Expeditions will adventure through Rwenzori Central Cuircut provide an easy attempt to the summit and success to many trekkers due to the addition day for acclimatization on the mountain. In this 5-Day Rwenzori Climb Via Rwenzori Central Circuit Route, you will have 4 nights before on touching the ground on the 5th day of the trek.The 5-days Rwenzori Climbing tour is life time trips were you can climb with groups of family or friends and sometime solo climbers.

Explore Rwenzori mountains on 5 Days Rwenzori mountains trekking & Climbing for speedy travelers and strong travelers that can make it to the peak of Mountain Rwenzori using the Rwenzori Mountains Central Circuit , to explore the various peaks , this hike takes you up to the top of mount Stanley in the fastest way possible. This 5 Days Rwenzori mountains hike can only be done by mountaineers who are healthy, strong, and fast and fit because you will be moving fast and covering long distances each day.

Day 1. Nyakalengija (1600m) to John matte hut (3420m)

You will go to Rwenzori mountaineering service offices in Nyakalengija where you will be briefed and then pick your hiking equipment. The guides and porters will be ready and you will start the hike passing through the local settlements, tropical forests, montane forests, bamboo forest and part of the alpine. As you hike, you will have a stopover at Nyabitaba hut for lunch and then proceed through the Kurt Schaffer Bridge which is at the conference of Mubuku and Bujuku Rivers. You will then reach john matte where you will have dinner and spend the night.

Mountain Rwenzori Climb

Day 2. John matte to Elena hut (4563m)

After breakfast at john matte, you will pass through the rocky and slippery area as you cross different rivers and stream. Along this route, you will spot where you will be able to spot the Margherita and Alexandra peaks at a distance. You will then proceed with the hike through the lower bigo bog where boards were put to make movement easier, you will spot various plants like giant lobelia, groundsels, and everlasting flowers among others. You will continue to hike through the rocky parts of mount Stanley to Elena hut where you will have dinner and spend the night.

Day 3. Elena to Bujuku camp (3930m) – Hiking to the top

On this day you will start the hike at around 2am, get ready with your hiking gear and headlamps, you will hike through the rocky area, and you will use the ropes as you hike on some spots to the Stanley glacier. You will need your crampons. After the Stanley glacier, you will remove the crampons and continue with the hike through the rocks to the Margherita glacier. The hike through the Margherita glacier will lead you to Margherita peak which is the highest point of the Rwenzori. You will then descend back to Elena hut where you will rest and have lunch. And then continue to descend to Bujuku hut where you will have dinner and spend the night.

Mountain Rwenzori Climb

Day 4. Bujuku to Nyabitaba hut (2660m)

After breakfast at Bujuku you will move through the upper bigo bog, continue descending through the lower bigo bog to john matte where you will rest and have lunch. You will then proceed to Nyabitaba hut where you will have dinner and spend the night.

Day 5. Nyabitaba back to Nyakalengija

After breakfast at Nyabitaba, you will descend back to Nyakalengija

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