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How to Get to Rwenzori Mountains – Trekking Rwenzoris

Rwenzori Mountains national park is located in the western Uganda with the nearest access town being Kasese and Fort portal .

Rwenzori Mountains national park which is the conservation area for the mountain, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and covers almost 1000 sq. km and strides across the districts of Kabarole, Kasese and Bundibudyo.

It includes most of the center and the eastern half of the mountain and is known for its beautiful plant life coupled with waterfalls, glaciers and a lot of other unique mountainous vegetation. The park has glaciers, snowfields, waterfalls and has been portrayed as one of the mainly attractive Alpine areas around the world.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park lies a few kilometers north of the equator on the Uganda-Congo border. The park trailhead at Ruboni can be reached from Kampala from the north via Fort Portal (375km) or the south passing through Mbarara and Queen Elizabeth National Park (450km). Nyakalengija is 17km off the Kasese-Fort Portal road and 25km north of Kasese town.

Flights to Kasese from KisoroHow to Access Kasese & Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Mt. Rwenzori National Park is suitably located in the South Western part of Uganda and can be accessed through any neighboring country to Uganda but Rwanda and Uganda are the most appropriate.

Travelers can transfer from Kigali International Airport then into Uganda’s kisoro then proceed to Mt. Rwenzori National Park. However, one can also opt to transfer from Uganda’s Entebbe international Airport to the South Western Part of Uganda to hike the majestic Mountain.

By Road from fort portal.

The journey from Kampala to Kasese will take you about 7 hours and a half if you take the public means by bus via Fort portal the most cleanest city in Uganda.

Safari Landcruisers in UgandaMost bus parks can be found in and around Kampala like Link Buses which takes that route.

It could take you about that shorter time if you are traveling privately in  Cars of Rwenzori Mountaineering service which are 4×4 Jeeps ( Safari Landcruisers & Toyota Rav4).

By Air

Airlines in UgandaHowever you can take only about an hour and a half if you used a plane. Contact your tourism company to book a flight to Kasese. Your first stop will be Fort Portal from where you will travel south to Kasese. From Mubuku, it is 15 minutes in the north of Kasese; you can organize transport means after passing the Bugoye power plant to the gate. Porters, guides and other people to help you will be easily availed to you.

The Reservation department for Rwenzori Mountaineering service can help you booking with Aero link the domestic flight company that offers flights to kasese & other national parks like Queen Elizabeth , Bwindi impenetrable & Murchison falls.

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