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Mount Nyiragongo is one of the eight volcanoes that make up the great Virunga Mountains that are shared by Uganda, Rwanda and democratic republic of congo, among the active volcanoes is the nyiragongo volcano that is located in the virunga national park congo ( ranked among the top hiking destination visited by tourists on a Congo gorilla trekking tour with the chances of extending to hike rwenzori Mountains from the Congo side.

Mount Nyiragongo is one of the most hiked volcanoes in Africa and its vigorous startovolcano, its height is about 3470m and its situated within the Virunga mountain mainly connected with Virunga Albertine Rift valley. Nyiragongo is greatly located in the Democratic republic of Congo within the virunga national park just about 20km north of the city of Goma and also Lake Kivu.

The volcano has a lave lake and a crater which is 20km north of the city of Goma. The Nyiragongo Mountain and the Nyamuragira are accountable for about 40% of past volcanic upsurge in Africa.

Geology of Nyiragongo

For the past years since in 1882, the Nyiragongo volcano has erupted for over 34 times, including times when the eruptions were incessant for almost a year. There some time when the volcano also erupted with other older volcanoes; including Shaheru and Baratu; these are also surrounded by many other puny volcanic residue cones from the frank eruptions. Lava erupted is usually of fluid state and it’s made of melilite Nephelinite.

The 1977 eruption this happened when the crater walls of the volcano fractured which led to the draining of the lava lake within an hour, the flooding it caused resulted into death of several people in the nearby villages.

The second eruption took place in 2002, this happened after several processes of Fumarolic and seismic activities which happened on this volcano, the evacuation extended to the town of Goma, however over 40,000 people had been vacated from the city to the border of Rwanda in Gisenyi town. The year 2002, the explosion resulted into death of about 130 people and over 120000 people left homes due to earthquakes which resulted into collapsing of buildings following the eruption.

The Nyiragongo Mountain also has another threat which includes the carbondioxide that killed many children up to recent times.

Hiking Nyiragongo is so interesting and the activity can be arranged by a number of trustworthy tour operators however, trust us we can prepare for you a wonderful experience, and all safaris to Democratic Republic of Congo begins from Rwanda Gisenyi crossing to Goma in DR. Congo and drive to Kibatsi village the starting point for Nyiragongo trail head.

In order to be allowed to participate in this wonderful experience, one should be 12 years of age and above. On the day of hiking, one is required to arrive at the Kibati station (Trailhead for Nyiragongo) at least by 9:15am. Hikers usually descend the volcanoes at between 6:30-7:00am the next morning and normally arrive back at the starting point by 11:30am where you meet your safari guide who will drive you to your next destination or back to Goma border and finally to Rwanda or Kigali international airport for departure back home depending on your program.

So if you want to fly out of Kigali the same day after Nyirangongo hike plan/schedule your departure flight after 6pm to avoid inconvenience. Don’t be scared on where to sleep the night while at the top of Nyiragongo, there are various summit shelters over twelve summits are ready to provide a good shelter and each contains two single beds on which visitors can put their sleeping bags. Even though these shelters aren’t luxury, they offer a welcome escape from the rudiments. Don’t think of paying extra fee for an overnight in the shelter; the fee is included in the permit fee.

In case you plan for only meal, you need to pay usd75 the fees includes snacks, and dinner on both day 1 and on day 2 you will be served breakfast and snacks, water will also be provide. However for meal and gear package, you will need to pay usd100 this includes meal plan as well as sleeping bag, jacket, and fleece top, hat and rain cape. Porters are much needed and they can be hired at a fee of usd24 and these can be hired at the park headquarters/ staring point, they can help to carry your loads and the fee charged is for round trip.

However, if you hire a porter, they are recommended to carry a maximum weight of 15kg. Porters can be arranged by speaking with a Virunga National Park ranger at the Kibati station. Hiring a porter is not exploitative; it’s how the locals earn a living from the tourists.

Sample Trip for Mount Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking

This 2 Days Mount Nyiragongo volcano is recommended to travelers that are staying in goma or Gisenyi town as they will have to cross very early in the morning to the starting station for the Nyiragongo Hike

Day 1: Nyiragongo hiking to the summit

The driver will pick you from the hotel which is in Gisenyi town very early in the morning. He will drive through Goma town to Virunga national park headquarters for briefing and you will be given a well knowledgeable guide. You will set off with hiking at 10:30am if you use kibati starting point, it take around 5 hours to reach the summit of Nyiragongo Mountain. You will pass in steep, muddy and slippery route, thorns and tall trees will be on the way.Upon arrival at the summits dinner and accommodation at the mountain camp Cabins

Day 2: Descending to the bottom and transfer back to Kigali international airport

After your memorable breakfast from Nyiragongo summit, you will start sloping down at 6:30 am to the bottom where you will find your driver waiting to transfer you to Kigali international airport to catch up with your flight back home.

Packing List for Nyiragongo Hiking tours

It is always advised to hike the Nyiragongo Mountain when well prepared, please pack only these things considered vital. Bellow, are the packing list/ gear include;

  • Rain jacket more so if its water proof jacket,
  • Running shoes,
  • Light sweaters
  • Thin stretchy pants
  • Heavy fleece
  • Pair of stocks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Camera
  • Walking stick
  • long underwear, warm socks
  • Whiskey is your friend
  • Air mattress(although they are provided at the shelters at the top)