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Facts about Rwenzori Mountains : Travel Advise for Trekking Rwenzori.

Rwenzori Weather

Mount Rwenzori is a block mountain located at the border of Uganda and D.R Congo. Its highest point marhgerits peak stands at 5109 meters which is on mount Stanley, the 3rd highest mountain in Africa. The mountains can be hiked all year round depending on your interests. Rwenzori is basically a wet with peaks covered with mist covered peaks at all time. The higher peaks are covered with glaciers, making the hikes to the tops so challenging.

On the planet, there is rising air around the equator that leads to a lot of rain which are called Intertropical convergence zone. The winds move northwards in June giving the Himalaya its monsoon season. It moves in the southern hemisphere in December which gives lots of rain in Australia and various places one of them being Rwenzori since it’s so close to the equator. There is drier NE Monsoon during January and February and the drier SE Monsoon in June and July giving a little rain in the area.

Since Rwenzori is a rain maker, even in July, you might experience rain. The rains are always not heavy and don’t last long. Even in the rainy months or the wet season, Rwenzori can be visited just that the trails get so wet and slippery which makes the hikes so challenging. Some mountaineers look for this challenge the snow and glacier are much easier to walk on because the weather is actually good and the ice is hard making it much easier to walk on than in the drier months. It is during these seasons that snow will accumulate along the various peaks of Mount Stanley and its neighboring mountains.