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Do I need to bring my passport to Uganda?

A valid passport is very vital for anyone entering the country and a passport should be valid at least six months from the date of entry for all people from the EU, Canada, Austria, British among other. One may be denied entry into the country without holding sufficient funds, return or on word tickets or any other necessary documents. A valid visa is also very vital by all nations entitled to posse visa in order to be allowed entry in to the country except nationals from Cyprus and Malta who do not require a visa. One can obtain a visa from the home country embassies/high commission or using the e-Visa system. An east African visa can also permit one to enter the country, in that travelers who are visiting Rwanda and Kenya may find it very easy to apply for an east Africa cross-border joint visa, this allows entry into all the three east African country on a single visa.

You are required to contact the high commission/ embassy to check the visa/ passport requirement into the country. A single entry visa covering three months costs usd50, East African tourist visa costs usd100. Multiple entry e visa costs usd100 for six months, usd150 from 12 to 24 months and usd200 for months 24 to 36 months. The single entry visa is valid for 3 months from the time of issue whereas the multiple entry visa is valid up to 36 months and the east African tourist visa is valid for a period of 3 months.

What currency do I use for my tour to Uganda?

There are several currencies to use in Uganda since there are several Forex bureaus which allow exchange of money from various currencies; however the most used currency is the ugx shillings which is accepted everywhere in the country, although United Stated Dollars (USD) Pound are also used. You can travel with dollars and pounds and exchange them upon your arrival at the Entebbe international airport or within the capital city Kampala. Forex bureaus are majorly available in big towns and hotels and they are limited in remote areas, you must exchange your money before you proceed to the remote area. Many locals accept and understand local currencies. ATM machines or Visa cards are also used in Kampala and in big hotels if you don’t want to move with cash you can use them, although you should note that they are not used in remote villages and in some hotels.

How do I pay my trip?

There are various methods on which you can make your payment for your safari, we accept payment via bank wire transfer, visa card, credit card, pesapal, and also you can pay direct to our offices which are located at Najanankumbi shopping center. You can also pay half of the money and you pay the rest upon your arrival at the airport or at the hotel. Once you sent us the money we will send you a confirmation massage that we have received your payment and your tour will be fully booked for you on the sated dates of travel.

Safety concerns

Uganda is known as one of the safest countries not only in the East Africa but also in the entire world with no political insurgencies. Once on your tour, everyone is concerned with your security right from your arrival until when your safari is done you are assured of your security. Uganda is known as having hospitable people you will be welcomed with a lot of care upon your arrival at the airport and you will be handled with experienced and well trained guides/drivers whom you will spend the rest of the days with throughout your safari they will drive you with a lot of care throughout your safari. Not only the guides but also the government, hotels/lodges where you will spend your nights from, the tourism police, the tour and travel companies organizing your safari, the ranger guides/wardens, the Uganda wildlife authority and any stake holders are all responsible for your safety while on your tour to Uganda. So don’t be scared about your security, your safety is on every people’s mind.

Can I Use my phone while hiking the Rwenzori Mountain?

The net-work is not as good like in many other parts of the country; the recommended powerful net work to use in the Rwenzori mountains is the MTN. The more you climb the poor the net work. In other parts of the country the network is good. It should be noted that once you land on Entebbe international airport your home network gets off, so you have to buy the local Line for easy communication, you can get a local line at as low as UGX2000.

Is driving in Uganda safe?

Uganda is a safe country for driving with no political instability, so you are free to drive to any destination within the country. You can travel the country on your own in your self-drive car or you can hire a driver all our drivers are well experienced and they know each and every corner of the country, you have to drive with a lot of car. Most of the tourist attractions in Uganda are located in remote areas and most of Uganda roads are not tarmac so you must hire a 4x4 car which can navigate the tough roads leading to Uganda’s most tourist attractions. While driving in Uganda, you must keep left unless over turning and speed limit on Uganda roads is 80km/hr while driving in a national park is 40km/hr. while driving you must also consider other road users. You must avoid driving at night and follow the road sighs. In case of an accident immediately call police on 999 or call your car rental company for assistance.

Do I need an international driving license in Uganda?

An international driving license is very vital for foreigners to drive in Uganda, however also a driving permit is very considerable. No one is allowed to drive in Uganda without a driving permit and if caught driving without a driving permit you can be jailed or pay a fine of usd500.

Best time to hike Rwenzori national park

This is one of the most asked questions to many tourist interested in trekking the third tallest mountain in Africa mountain Rwenzori. Its always good to know the months suitable for trekking, Mountain Rwenzori national park can be visited any time of the year, however the suitable months to visit the Rwenzori national park is during the dry season, which is from June and August and between December to February these are known as the dry months. During the Dry months, the roads to tha park are passable and trekking is suitable than in the wet season months. Although it should be noted that even during the dry season it can still rain and these occur less frequently and mostly at night, since African weather is unpredictable even in the rainy seasons you can experience light rainfall so the it’s good to stick to the best time months to travel in case you want to avoid the bad conditions and always ask your travel agency or a tour and travel company organizing your trekking safari.

The mountain Rwenzori is very striking all through the year and there is no green season throughout the year and you should not assume that wet season will be the best time to travel in case you are engrossed in botany. And even when from change from dry to wet season there will not be dramatic changes to the fauna and flora of the range, the only thing that doesn’t change usually is the depths of the marsh that you pass through. The weather in the Rwenzori Mountains is very wet and the peak is characterized by fog most of times, this sometimes makes hiking and route finding some how difficult.