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10 Days itinerary for 3 peaks; Tetra, Bernard, and Agart

Day 1; Nyakalengija 1650m_Nyabitaba camp 2560m

Begin the day by approaching Rwenzori mountaineering service offices for introduction of guides, measurements of climbing items and porters. The trail at the beginning starts by taking you through homes and fields progressing to high elephant grasses and dense bush. You will climb over cliffs and bluffs crossing river kyohjo and Mahoma then ascending steeply to Nyabitaba camp site and a distance of 7km takes 4-6 hours walk from Nyakalengija to Nyabitaba for dinner and an overnight.

Day 2: Nyabitaba 2560m_Guyheoman 3505m

Leave Nyabitaba early as this is considered the longest walk in Rwenzori mountains National park. And as you leave Nyabitaba the trail takes you to the junction that connects the anti-clock wise moment to the clock wise moment and according to Agart, she recommended the clock wise moment as the easy way of covering all the new peaks discover by her. The clock wise moments take you through the Bamboo forest zone up to kichcuhu bridge and onwards to kichuchu rock shelter. After the lunch at kichuchu the trail ascends through the heath trees covered with old man beards and this interesting and exhaustive trail covers 6.5km which takes 6-7 hours walk with lots of fascinating creatures likes the black and white colobus monkey, squirrels, swimming ducks and an endemial three horned chameleon which ends at Guyeoman for dinner and an overnight.

Mountain Rwenzori hike

Day 3: Guyeoman 3505m_kitandara camp 4020m

This tends to be the most interesting when you visit Rwenzori, taking the clock wise moments from Guyeoman the trail takes you to the crossing rivers with lots of swamps and this drives you to a historical rove shelter “the bujogolo rock” This is where the duke of Abrruzz slept when they did an expedition in the Rwenzori mountain national park “Italian group” After a short rest continue with the trail that ascends you steeply with your knees testing the ooze up to fresh field pass and when you are here if the weather is clear, you can view mount Baker, weijmanj peak, Kitandara lakes, and this descends slowly down to Kitandara lakes camp for dinner and an overnight through a 7k m distance that takes 8 hours walk.

Day 4: Kitandara 4020km _kachope wilderness camping 3900m

From Kitandara you descend to your left facing mount lvigi de jovio and take you through the Afro—Alpine zone seeing a lot giant lobelia trees and being on the southern part of Rwenzori, that is kilembe trail where you can get chances of sighting the Congolese home steads. This walk takes 10 hours to cover the 8km from kitandara lake camp to kachope rock shelter and here you pitch the tents for an overnight and dinner.

Climbing Mountain Rwenzori

Day 5: Kachope camp 3900m_Tetra peak 4025m

Depending on the weather conditions, this tough walk needs one to start early in the morning more especially when it rains the boulders tends to get slippery. Jog with your climbing boots up to the top of the peaks that were discovered by Poland visitors way back in 1980’s. After taking a lot of pictures return back to kachope rock shelter for dinner and an overnight.

Day 6: kachope 3900m_Bernards peak 4500m

To reach the summit of Bernards peak, the climb takes 6 hours depending om the weather conditions and the pace of climbing the mountains. This tough walk takes you over the slippery rocks and very exposed areas. Note that this climb is for abit physically fit people, after the summit return back kachope for dinner and an overnight.

Day 7: Kachope 3900m_Agart peak 4030m

From kachope scramble up to summit if Agart peak through tiresome boulders and here you can see lots of rock hyraxes resting on the rocks. Then after sunniting this endermical peak that was named commemorating Agarts visit in Rwenzori mountains national park return back to kachope for dinner and an overnight.

Mountain Rwenzori Climb

Day 8: kachope 3900m_kitandara camp 4020m

Leave kachope early morning to enjoy the morning breeze as you shall be facing the movement slowly to kitandara. This walk covers 8km and takes 10 hours to kitandara lakes camp for dinner and an overnight.

Day 9: kitandara lakes 4020m_Guyeoman 3505m

The trail ascends steeply up to the 4030m headwall, spreading out from the base of mount Baker and continuing along the southside of the mountain ton fresh field pass 4280. From the pass taking alond trail passing the rock shelter of bujogolo and continue down to Guyeoman camp for dinner and an overnight.

Day 10: Guyeoman camp 3505m_Nyabitaba and Nyakalengija

The descend of Nyabitaba and down to Nyakalengija takes 8-10 hours but with an early start. Below Guyeoman, the route descends the cliffs of kichuchu and takes you through the bamboo forest zones to Nyabitaba for lunch and retrieve down to Nyakalengija for transfer to the lodge by the tour guide.

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