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Mountain karisimbi is known as the highest volcano among the eight most known volcanoes in the Virunga region and perhaps the 5th highest in Africa with an elevation of about 4507m above sea level. The Karisimbi Mountain is situated along the border with the Democratic republic of Congo and Rwanda which is situated on the western part of the east African rift valley like the mount visoke.

The volcanoes neighbors Mikeno to the north, Bisoke to the east and Nyiragongo Mountain to the west. The mountain derives its name from the word Amasimbi’’ which is a local word in Kinyarwanda meaning ‘’white shell’’ and this referred to the white-capped peak which is frequently seen on top of this volcano and its mainly seen in the dry season of June, July, August, December, January and march at the summit of the volcanoes at the summit of the volcano.

Karisimbi volcanoes is located in volcanoes national park which is located in the northern part of Rwanda, the park is mainly known for its endangered mountain gorillas, however hiking karismbi is one of the most done and interesting activities done at the park. Hiking this volcano is bit demanding although very rewarding, the hiking activity takes 2 days.

Karisimbi Mountain is also very close to the Karisoke research center just meters to the graveyard of Diane Fossy who was a great researcher and primatologist who studied and habituated the behaviors of mountain gorillas to human standards. This means that one has a chance to visit her grave as well as trek the golden monkeys in addition to the Mountain gorillas and Hiking.

Hiking to the top

On the day if hiking one has to first report to the park headquarters before 8:30am to receive short briefings from the park wardens or ranger guides about the dos and don’ts. The hike can start from the foot hill of volcanoes or at the mount Bisoke. The hikes starts very early in the morning and it takes about 6 hours reaching the first stopping place at an altitude of 3.700m for an overnight at the basic camping, then the next day early in the morning, you will continue up to the top. While at the op you will be gifted a chance to view different volcanoes including distant views of the Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira volcanoes, you will also have a chance to view various species of birds, primates like monkeys and if lucky enough you will spot the endangered mountain gorillas. Descending to the base takes the rest of the day.

Best time to hike Karismbi, when go for hiking tour

Among the top Safari questions is when to visit , best time to visit for hiking tour ? Hiking karismbi mountain is best done in the dry season which is from January, February, march and July august, September and October however, even in the dry season months, it can still rain because African weather is unpredictable, it can rain at anytime so you are required to be prepared carry a water proof jacket.

Mount Karisimbi Hiking tour Sample

Mount karisimbi can be hiked in 2 days volcanoes hiking tour rwanda is recommended for travelers that have an extension after gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda's volcanoes national park

Day 1: Mount Karisimbi hike Volcanoes National Parks,

You will assemble at the briefing point, just like visitors going for gorilla trekking and will receive a briefing overview of how the entire hike.( Camping is the accommodation Type)

Day 2: Descend volcano

Today, you will hike unto the summit rewarding you with great views of the created lake at the top of the volcano and sights of other volcanoes of the Virunga conservation region. Later descent the volcano and find your guide waiting for you drive to your hotel for lunch after which, in the afternoon drive to back to Kigali for the evening flight back home

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