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Rwenzori Mountaineering Service, About us, Trekking Safari Company

Rwenzori Mountaineering Service is managed by the destination expert safari company by names of Active African Vacations Limited that is based in Kampala Uganda with a team of experienced tour guides, Safari consultants ready to tailor make the rwenzori hiking trip either through the kilembe trail or rwenzori Central circuit .

Rwenzori Mountaineering Service has over 8 years of experience in leading hikers and climbers to the summit of Rwenzori Mountains either using the Uganda routes or Congo Hiking Routes in Virunga National Park Congo. Rwenzori Mountaineering service works in strong partnership with Rwenzori Mountaineering services or Trekking Services in Uganda and Virunga Foundations in Congo to create and tailor make Memorable hiking tours for great hikers in Africa.

Our professional tour consultants have all made successful summit attempts and are therefore in a position to provide you with advice and in depth knowledge of the mountain. Essential advice on how to climb Rwenzori, how difficult / hard is a Rwenzori mountain climb and how long does it take for a Mount Rwenzori climb, is all covered in detail on this website.

We provide unique and tailor-made climb Rwenzori itineraries to suite your individual requirements and preferences, including all your hotel bookings, meet and assist at the airport, airport transfers to and from your hotel, as well as many exciting travel extensions to the surrounding game parks for wildlife or Gorilla trekking , chimpanzee tracking and the magical sesse island .

Safari activities offered by Rwenzori Mountaineering Service.

  • Rwenzori Mountain Trekking
  • Experience one of the most beautiful and unspoiled mountain ranges of the world. Be prepared for serious hiking, including a mountaineering component
  • Community walks, Be part of the communities and learn our way of life. Local cuisines & beer, art & crafts, black smithing, dressings, storytelling, cultural myths and festivals, celebrations in the region.

The Rwenzori Trekkers Association

Trekker is the newest organization which has a concession to organize hikes into the Rwenzori Mountains. Foreign managed, their guides received training in tracking and first aid.

Trekkers operate from Kilembe where their hikes follow the Nyamwamba river route. This implicates reaching the peak will take you 8-10 days, but the scenery has been described to be more spectacular than along the Ruboni route.

Hiking equipment is available for hire.Besides the full trip towards the peaks a range of shorter hikes is also offered starting at a single day up to 6 days. Their hostel offers some basic accommodation in a very relaxing environment, right next to the river.

Strong Facts about Rwenzori Mountains National Park

  • The Rwenzoris are also referred to as the Mountains of the moon
  • It is the second highest mountain in Africa after Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
  • The beautiful Mountain is located in western Uganda near the Uganda-Congo border
  • Its equatorial snow peaks include the third highest point in Africa
  • The park stretches 120km-long and 65km-wide Rwenzori mountain range
  • The mountain forms the base for the great East African rift valley with many interesting features of the world’s most spectacular mountain scenery.
  • Trekking this mountain is one of the hard greatest adventure in Africa.
Among all the safari packages to the top of this amazing Mountain, the package to the central circuit is the most amazing due to the fact that it takes you to the base of the majestic margarita peak.