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Rwenzori central circuit trail Hike , Climbing Rwenzori Mountains, Rwenzori Mountaineering Service

The central Circuit is the most popular hiking route in the Rwenzori, and is managed by Rwenzori mountaineering service. This wonderful trail goes through all the different vegetation zones, a great change in surroundings from the tropical valleys at around 1,000 meters climbing gradually through gorges and super valleys up to the top of mount Stanley which is rocky. It goes through the lower and upper bigo bog, where there walk boards were put up to make movement through the boggy area much easier.

The Most suitable Climbing Rwenzori mountains national park can be explored on the 7 Days Rwenzori Mountaineering tour or the 8 days Rwenzori Hiking tour which are among the top rwenzori Mountaineering Tours booked at Rwenzori Mountaineering Service , its possible on solo Travelers budget traveler or group tour which can have extra Uganda safari add on like Gorilla trekking , Chimpanzee Tracking & Wildlife Watching in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Map ofCentral Circuit Hiking Trail for Rwenzori Mountaineering Service

The 7-8 days trek through this route will take you up to the top of the summit, Margherita and back. This trek is certainly best undertaken with help from the guides and porters to help with navigation, cooking and carrying backpacks. This also makes it easier to explore and enjoy the surroundings. A full circuit of this trek will take you through 6 different camps

Find the Complete List of hurts that a travel will have stop over during the hike using the Central Circuit
  • Nyabitaba (2651m)
  • John matte (3505m)
  • Bujuku (3962m)
  • Elena (4541m)
  • Kitandara (4023m)
  • Guy yeoman (3505m)
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