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Lakes in  the Rwenzori mountains are famous for having crystal clear water that is pure and ready to be drunk very fresh and with the natural fridge the water is always cold and ready to bed drunk. The lakes have a very beautiful amazing beautiful mountain scenery and the lakes are majestically guarded by the portal peaks and ranges of the mountain.

Rwenzori mountains is blessed with a lot of lakes around 50 in number and countless water body streams . The lakes are all glacial lakes formed as glacier retreats melting water fills up the depression  to form the lake. Surprisingly all the Lakes in the Rwenzori mountains cant accommodate aquatic animals like fish , crabs , frogs, star fish ,seals, this is due to the extreme coldness of these waters they are ice cold and none of these animals can survive in these temperatures. Most of the lakes in the Rwenzori mountains are sources to so many rivers and streams forming a lifelines for flora and fauna supporting the flood plains and supporting local communities with water for both domestic and cultivation purposes.

Lake Mahoma

This is deepest lake in the Rwenzoris with over 13feet and is the largest lake as well. Its 3000m above sea level and is 7km from the park gate the walk to the Lake is about 6-7hrs.

The Mahoma  trail takes you through the thick montane forest zone comprised of very tall species of trees as well as very leafy green . Its in this part that you will find species of birds like the special Rwenzori turaco that is associated only in the mountain. Several other birds can be spotted like the robins, bee eaters, sunbirds, black eagles can also be seen in this part of the mountain.its offered as Nature walks, rated as nature walk Safari activity in Rwenzori Mountains

This lower part of the mountain and trail to Lake Mahoma is where you can also be able to the three horned chameleon and the black and white Columbus monkey since its not as cold other parts.   The trail ascends to Nyabitaba camp the very first hut on the central circuit  down to the lake . There are hiking tours offered by Rwenzori Mountaineering service to summit to Lake Mahoma and its customized as Day trip to Rwenzoris – Check on the 3 Days Lake Mahoma Trail.

Lake Bujuku

Lake Bujuku is located in the heart of the Rwenzori mountains in the very center where all the three snow capped mountains Mount Baker, Mount Stanley , Mount Speke can be viewed very clearly  and is the launch pad of hiking mount Speke and mount Stanley . The vegetation in this area is afro alpine zone its very cold , windy and gets to be very freezing .

Lake Bujuku is at a height of 3962 meters above sea level just before the cap of Bujuku which is 3977meters above sea level. It can be accessed from the central circuit trail through John Matte,  this  trail to  is characterized by countless  streams of water and the shores are totally made of the upper Bigo bog. You will enjoy the hypnotizing board walk through the open valley that draws you to   the lake where you are welcomed by the bog a  walk that takes you up to the camp. there is 5 day hike to Rwenzori Mountains with Active African Vacations via Rwenzori Central Circuit .

Lake Kitandara

Lake Kitandara is comprised of two twin lakes namely upper and lower Kitandara and these can be properly viewed after the descend from the huge rocks at scot Elliot pass . Lake Kitandara is 4072m above sea level and can take you from 3-4 days to access on the central circuit trail. The Lake boarders Congo and Uganda therefore the other part across  lake is Congo and is just 3meters distance from the lower  Kitandara camp. Vegetation cover here is Afro alpine zone is graced with beautiful special everlasting flowers that are at times used by locals for decoration, the lake is also endowed with the giant lobelias and groundsels.

At this point if you are lucky you can spot the mountain Dikers in red colour but they tend to shy away from people if they spot you first you may not see them.  Mice and rats are found in millions here especially on the lake shores .Swimming here is very okay but the only challenge is that the waters are ice cold even on sunny days .

Lake Irene

Is located in the south of Margherita glacier in the rocky /glacier vegetation zone on the snow line of Margherita. Just like other Lakes in the Rwenzori, its also cold doesn’t harbor fish and is windy. Lake Irene is the highest among.


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