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Planning for Gorilla trekking & Rwenzori Trekking in Africa? Africa is the best destination for gorilla trekking with the range from Mountain Gorillas , Eastern Lowland gorillas & other expeditious holiday places to explore once tailored by Rwenzori Mountaineering experts.

Wishing to add gorilla trekking & visiting active volcanoes like Nyiragongo volcano , Rwenzori mountains & Climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for an ultimate adventure trekking tour in Uganda, tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo .

There are only two populations of mountain gorillas left in the world. The first lives in the Virunga Volcanic Mountains of Central Africa, with groups scattered between Uganda, Rwanda and The Republic of the Congo and the second population lives in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Where can i go for gorilla trekking tours?

In the entire world, you can only see the mountain gorillas ( Gorilla Berengei Berengei) in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. its only Congo that has both the mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas ( Kahuzi Biega National Park and Maiko National Park)

In Uganda you can visit the mountain gorillas in the famous national parks of Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park & Mgahinga National park which are all located in the south west of the republic of Uganda. With Uganda having over two destinations for gorilla trekking, its recommended that high chances of visiting and seeing the gorillas while on a uganda safari adventure & Climbing rwenzori mountains. The cost of Gorilla trekking permit in Uganda ( $$700) is cheaper than the case its in Rwanda ( $$1500 ) although Democratic republic of congo has the cheapest gorilla permit being the mountain gorillas or the Eastern Lowland gorillas ( $$400).

In Rwanda, these primates can be seen in the Volcanoes National Park, also known as Parc Nationale Des Volcans, and volcanoes has over 8 Gorillas groups open for Trekking at a high pay of USD 1500. 8 people per group can trek these endangered apes. Susa group is the best to track with 41 gorillas.

In democratic republic of congo , its the best destination known for gorilla trekking as its cheaper and affordable for all the travelers that plan although its only visited by hard travelers and adventurous explorers. Mountain Gorilla watching in congo can be done in Virunga National Park and Eastern Lowland gorillas can be visited in the wilderness of Kahuzi biega / Maiko National Park Although open trekking is available in Parc De kahuzi Biega.

Clothing's for Gorilla Trekking tour in Africa?

Be prepared to walk. Bring your sturdiest walking shoes and clothes that you are happy to have get sweaty and muddy. Ideally, wear thick pants and a long-sleeved shirt as protection against stinging nettles. Bring layers as it is often cold when you set out at 6am but warms as the sun rises. When you are grabbing for holds in thorny vegetation, a pair of old gardening gloves might be helpful and if you feel safer with a walking-stick, pack a folding one. If you already own gaiters or walking sticks (or want a reason to buy them!) they are a great addition as well.

How to Secure a Gorilla Permit

As its well known and stated for gorilla trekking will require you to have a valid gorilla permit which has to be booked in advance through a reliable tour operator for the memorable gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of congo. The Safari operators make all the necessary arrangements including accommodation, transportation, guides and the permits needed to visit the gorillas.

When is the best time to visit the Gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda?

Generally speaking, one can take the gorilla trekking trip all-year round. In the rain forest climate zones where the mountain gorillas live, it is wet any day of the year. Of course, there are particular times of the year when it rains the most. This is during the months of April and May. If any time, is to be avoided, these would be the months to avoid.

However, there must be a time considered optimal. The best time to visit and trek mountain gorillas would be the months of January, February, and from June to September. In fact during this season will have the opportunity to see various other types of wild animals well. During the above mentioned months, the region is experiencing the dry season and therefore accessing the animals is really simple.

Doing the Gorilla Watching Experience , is it sure deal to see the Gorillas in the Wilderness?

Even though mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas are wild animals, its a sure deal once you have the gorilla trekking permit that you will see the gorillas, irrespective of the destination your visiting the gorillas, there will be gorilla tracker and the gorilla rangers, the duty of both the parties will be to located and guide the travelers during the gorilla watching experience. However, instances of visitors trekking and getting back without having seen the gorillas are unheard of.

In both Rwanda and Uganda, the park authorities have developed a system that ensure that visitors have a chance to sight the gorillas. The park authorities have trackers who report the location of the habituated gorilla families the previous evening to know the general are the gorilla group is likely to spend the night. And on the day of your trek their is also an advance teams that leaves at dawn to locate the gorilla groups.

Once they trackers locate the group(s), they radio back the GPS co-ordinates to the park headquarters. This information is used by your guides so that before you set off, the guides know which direction to head to.

Why you Should Hire a Porter for Gorilla Trekking ?

There will often be porters who will offer to carry your bag for a fee. They are local people who work day-to-day and are not officially employed by the government or the park. Their rate is $10-$15 dollars (plus $5 tip if you want). Even if you don't think you need an extra hand carrying your day pack, or to help you navigate the ridiculously slippery terrain it's worth employing these guys anyway. It is a simple way of helping local villagers benefit from gorilla tourism and discourages them from turning to poaching or farming within the park boundaries. You also may find in the middle of your trek that you are glad they are there

What kind of Safaris can combine Gorilla Trekking & Climbing Rwenzori mountains

As its well stated that Rwenzori mountaineering service offers the best climbing adventure trips to Rwenzori mountains national park and gorilla trekking in the wilderness of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga National Park, Volcanoes national Park and Virunga National Park. The best gorilla trekking and Rwenzori climbing is the 12 Days Gorilla Trekking & Rwenzori mountains Climbing tour.

Please Note: -To the best of our knowledge, no tourist has ever been seriously hurt by a habituated gorilla, but there is always a first time, an adult gorilla is much stronger than a person, and will act in accordance with its own social codes. Therefore it is vial that you listen to your guide at all times regarding correct protocol in the presence of gorilla. They will give you an overview prior starting your trek.

Gorillas & Rwenzori Trek Trips 2024

Find the best Gorillas & rwenzori trekking trips to enjoy gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park & Mgahinga National Park : In Uganda Trekking to the magic margherita peak in Rwenzori Mountains .

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