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Welcome to Kilembe Hiking trail that is managered by Rwenzori Trekking services , this trail was opened in 2009 as an alternative route to be used by Rwenzori mountains Climbers that wished to explore the snow capped mountains ( mountain of the Moon) . Among the top Africa hiking tours offered by Rwenzori Mountaineering service include hiking tours using the kilembe trail that is well known for the nice vegetation cover compared to the Rwenzori central Circuit.

Kilembe Rwenzori Trail is considered among the top challenge to be enjoyed by travelers that wish to view the nature with fantastic views, stunning valleys, and a wide variety of plants and trees and unlike Nyiragongo Volcano and Mount Kahuzi which are stand alone mountains and which are relatively short and direct in climbing. Mountain of the moon is ranked as the best mountain to be hiked before trying mountain Everest, Rwenzori mountains in fact is the highest mountain range in Africa, as such there are many ups and downs in climbing to the margherita peak.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park offers a truly unique experience, the high glaciers, the beautiful lakes in the valleys, beaded lichen hanging from giant heathers, as well as snow capped peaks. On this trail, there is a variety of flora and fauna and keep changing as you ascend through the different vegetation zones. The plant life varies from heavy tropical rain forests, bamboo forests, montane cloud forests, to alpine vegetation.

The upper slopes have a rare Afro-Alpine habitat with heath land, glacial valleys and some unusually large plant life. Keep an eye out for scurrying rodents, rock and of course, a plethora of rare bird species. It owes its popularity to the steady rate of ascent and the quick descent. While it doesn’t cover all the features of this beautiful mountain, the route itself is very scenic. You will have a chance to see nature at its best.

The camps you will stay at while on your Rwenzori Kilembe trail hike are;

  • Sine hut (2596m)
  • Mutinda camp (3582m)
  • Bugata camp (4100m)
  • Margherita camp (4485m)
  • Hunwicks camp (3874m)
  • Kiharo camp (3430m)

The Kilembe Hiking trail for rwenzori Mountaineering service will lead you to explore the various land scapes and vegetation cover of Rwenzori mountains upto the summit while on a Rwenzori mountaineering tour for 7 Days Rwenzori mountain Hiking or 9 Days Kilembe Rwenzori hiking trail . Book the Kilembe Hiking tour with Rwenzori Mountaineering Service the destination experts in Hiking tours to visit East African Mountains of Kilimanjaro Mount, Nyiragongo Mount and Rwenzori Mountains at the most affordable Safari Prices.

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