Africa Hiking tours - Rwenzori Hiking trips

Come and Connect to the world with Rwenzori Mountaineering services for the best hiking tours offered by the destination experts offering hiking tours to Democratic republic of congo , Rwanda Uganda and Tanzania with the main focus being on Rwenzori Mountains, Kilimanjaro mountain and Virunga Mountains by selecting one of the special designed packages

One could easily say that there's no place that deserves to be seen and experienced as intimately as Africa when it comes to hiking tours & gorilla trekking or combined Africa Safari tour, and there's no better way to experience it than exploring by foot while on gorilla trekking or hiking tours booked with Active African Vacations.

Go your own pace while hiking in a group or individual traveler, this is adventure that is tailored fitting into the travelers needs , interests book all hiking tours to explore the top destinations in Either Uganda,Rwanda,Tanzania or Democratic republic of congo with Rwenzori Mountaineering service. This is real life. This is Africa tailored tour by the destination experts ( Active African Vacations).


One of our goals here at Rwenzori mountaineering service is to inspire you to go on more adventures. That’s why we’ve created these long Africa's multi country Trips that are combined with hiking and gorilla watching , Wildlife viewing and cultural experiences at the most discounted prices. These long hiking trips to Uganda, Rwanda , Tanzania and Congo are recommended to everybody. Book the long Africa Safari trips by Contacting Us planning your next trip.