Hiking Trails in Rwenzori Mountains

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November 18, 2022
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August 31, 2023

Hiking Trails in Rwenzori Mountains

Routes at Mountain Rwenzori Uganda

Trekking the magnificent Rwenzori mountains is one of the unique truly special expedition very exciting to experience the over whelming glacier, the countless portal peaks, the amazing glacial lakes, the unique giant lobelia and groundsels covered in the old man’s beard and finally the permanent snow capped peaks .

The mountain is an ultimate destination with a diversity of flora and fauna at different vegetation zones that gradually transcend with different attitudes. The Rwenzori trek is uniquely beautiful and is incomparable to other mountains because of its amazing features causing it to be UNESCO’s world heritage sites as its bring you the best of nature right on your trek.

There are two main routes that are commonly used to trek mountain Rwenzori and both lead you to your dream to reach the summit. The Central circuit trail and Kilembe trail are mostly used by mountain climbers and both are good routes though they differ some things.

Central circuit trail

The Central circuit route is the  easiest and shortest route , in about 3-4days you may find your self at the stunning Margherita peak if you are very fit. The trail commences from Ibanda in Nyakalengija through various camps of Nyabitaba, John matte, Bujuku ,Elena, Kitandara , and finally Guyoeman. The trail was discovered by the natives of the land the locals commonly known as the Bakonjo , these hunters used this route in hunting and later these trails were taken on by the Rwenzori mountaineering service as the best and shortest routes  and lately the most preferred route because its less challenging compared to the rest .                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Central circuit is the most rewarding trail , the scenic view of countless portal peaks and fog is so remarkable. Best of all along this trail you encounter so many attractions including wildlife like Dikers and rock hierarchs , endemic species of mountain Rwenzori like the Rwenzori Turaco and of cause the all year round glacier at the Margherita. Your hike along the central circuit takes you to different vegetation zones with beautiful plants the like giant lobelia, and the everlasting flower  that is astonishingly beautiful seeing it close when its cold and open up when the sun pops out is unforgettable . Read More

Kilembe Trail

The Kilembe route is also another commonly used route its a little more challenging given the steepness of the hike but it has the best accommodation facilities because its managed by a Muzungu. The facilities are better, it has longer trailed you get to walk for longer distances and appreciate the beauty of the fascinating ranges in the Rwenzoris. Along the Kilembe trail you will experience countless lakes and portal peaks as well. Its also characterized with different vegetation as altitudes change the plants get scarce and filled up with moss on big rocks .

The accommodation on this trail are a little more luxury than the Central circuit with solar batteries for lighting and phone charging. The bed space in the Kilembe trails give more privacy for very big groups. Much as the trail is little more hectic and requires a lot of energy at the end of the day you will still enjoy the summit just like those on central circuit even the unique plants  you still see them .

Aside the Central circuit route and Kilembe route, there are other routes in the mountain that can be used by trekkers who may be in need of enjoying nature walks or those that want to appreciate the beauty of the mountain without necessary hiking to the peak. Read More

Mahoma Trail

The trek get started from Nyakalengija in Ibanda, you are ushered into the pristine forest that leads you through different plant species.  The trek takes you through Kyambogho forest that is also  the home of the a number of blue and black and white monkeys with elevations in the ridge of the amazing views of the Mubuku valley. In this part the forest zone you a lot of birds like the endemic Rwenzori turaco, the three horned chameleon which is also an endemic species. The ascent draws you to Nyabitaba then finally to Lake Mahoma. The trek can be done in one day for over 8hrs , visitors also enjoy camping at the lake and this can be done in 3days. The return journey from Mahoma takes you through an descent into the heather zone , little forested and then through the bamboo zone . The trek has a fascinating  board walk where the vegetation at this point is mixed up with bog with a lot of tussocks  and some alpine zone trees.

Bulembe Ndio cultural

This is the perfect trail for cultural travellers and people with passion to learn about the ways, life styles of traditionists in the Rwenzururu region It is believed by the inhabitants of Mountain Rwenzori that the mountain has gods that who they refer to as the god of rain and while hiking they advise that if the gods are happy your trip  to visit them  in the mountain which is believed to be their base and home is most likely to be successful . Along this trail you have visits to traditional healers of the Bakonjo where you can evidently witness these showcasing their powers healing the locals with diseases.                                                                                Along the trail, you come across amazing river known for its very tasty pure and safe water to drink without boiling, visit cultural villages and discover skills in black smith, weaving local baskets and other equipment used by the locals .The trail also has a museum used to store traditional materials used by the ancient ancestors of the land.

Bwamba trail

This is one of the oldest trails that was used by the locals to connect from Democratic Republic of Congo to Fort Portal and Bundibugyo district . It’s a direct trail through the mountain that can help interlink from Congo  boarder  to Bundibugyo and Fort portal. The trail takes you through Bakonjo villages, montane forest zone and then the bamboo. The ascent goes up to 1500m hike and it’s an 8hrs day hike. At the highest point on this trail you can view part of Queen Elizabeth and Kazinga Channel. The hike leads you to the  Bwamba pass   which is 3000m high.

Ruboni Community trail

This is a trail organized by the locals in Ibanda , they are located just a stone throw away from the park gate . The Ruboni  community doesn’t offer only accommodation and hotel services but also engages visitors in nature walks along River Mubuku, Forest walks , evening mountain walks where you can spot countless portal peaks of the Rwenzoris . The community also offers walks around the footstool of the mountain where you can meet the locals going about their day to day businesses, you can visit farms, engage with the locals to see about their cultures and tradition.

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