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Africa Safari Planning for Rwenzori Hiking Service

Welcome to Rwenzori Mountaineering service safari planner section offering all the required information about hiking & Climbing trips to Rwenzori Mountains, Best time to climb Rwenzori Mountains , Hiking tools and requirement , Routes to use climbing to the peak, Rwenzori porters, Shorts trips to Rwenzori , Things to see and do along Rwenzori climbing

Planning any Rwenzori hiking trip can be a daunting task. Where to start? How to budget? Where to go in Uganda or Congo? What to do? What do you need to prepare? The good news is everything you need to plan your trip to Rwenzori mountains is on my online best guide to Uganda. The even better news is that this page on planning your trip to Uganda will help.

Planning for Hiking tour in Africa is abit challenging and hard to handle trip for the first time travelers in the Africa. Planning Climbing & Hiking tour to Kilimanjaro mountain , Rwenzori Mountain and the Virunga Mountains is all possible with just a one click at Rwenzori mountaineering service to see the various vegetation cover of the volcanic and the snow capped mountains.

On the Safari Planner option for rwenzori mountaineering services , Will you opt for the big skies and big game of the Queen elizabeth national park or a close encounter with your distant hairy cousins of mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Virunga National Park or Mgahinga National Park in the famous virunga Mountains with the climbing option as an add-on for the Africa Hiking trip? Perhaps you’re looking for something more refined, Rwenzori mountaineering services offers best Uganda Safaris , Rwanda Safaris & Congo Safari tours to Explore the great virunga mountains , Snow Capped mountains of Rwenzori and they will arrange for you the Gorilla trekking permit, Transportation around Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania while on an Africa Safari tour.

Facts to Consider about Hiking trips to Uganda, Congo and Tanzania

1. What Type of a Safari is Rwenzori Mountain Climbing Tour ?

Rwenzori Mountaineering service under active African vacations limited offers you a variety of Climbing & Hiking tours ranging from Budget for solo travelers to middle range safaris and the best thing that makes the Rwenzori mountaineering safari luxury is the first night accommodation and the ground transportation in the strong 4x4 Safari jeep with knowledgeable English speaking Guide that has updated information about the uganda tourism , National Park and best things to do while on a Uganda Safari.

2. How Do I get a Suitable Rwenzori Mountain Climbing tour:

The Best thing about trips & safaris arranged by Rwenzori mountaineering service is that its open and can start any time of the year. The best thing is to ask us to safari consultant of Rwenzori Mountaineering service is what type of safari suits my needs by offering him or her hits of what your likes and dislikes are for the rwenzori climbing like the best suitable route to use for first time travelers or Experienced travelers . Among the top most recommended Rwenzori climbing tour is the 8 Days Rwenzori Climbing tour offered by rwenzori Mountaineering services , Learn about the staff of that is very friendly and ready to help you plan the Rwenzori Mountaineering Tour.

3. How Long should a Rwenzori Mountain safari be?

Rwenzori Mountaineering Service offers tailor Made climbing & hiking tours to East african Mountains like rwenzori mountains having the longest trip being the 8 days Rwenzori mountaineering tour & 12 Days Gorilla trekking & rwenzori Mountaineering tour to explore the mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or Mgahinga National Park with Rwenzori Mountains national park for a true Uganda Safari tour .

4. When is the best time to come for Rwenzori Climbing Tours .

Best time to visit rwenzori, From the Expert point of view as Rwenzori Mountaineering tour destinations managers, we must accept that although we run safaris for Climbing rwenzori mountains through out the year , the most lovely periods for climbing & hiking Rwenzori are the dry months (July to October) . Travelers planning to explore the Rwenzori mountains drying the dry months as East Africa has no winters or summers . There are 2 distinct rainy seasons, one from April to early June and the other from October to November. December to February are generally warm and sunny. However, due to the great climate in East Africa, visitors can enjoy a safari or beach holiday virtually all year round without the climate being a factor. In terms of wildlife, July to October presents a good time to see the Mountain gorillas in Uganda or eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park for memorable gorilla trekking experience .

6. Private Safari or a Group Tour.

When Planning a hiking tour to either Virunga Mountains or Rwenzori Mountains , rwenzori mountaineering service tailors both group and independent tours to help you explore the wildlife of Uganda along side the peaks of Rwenzori Mountains as it can be hiked either from Uganda or Democratic republic of congo in Virunga National Park.

Please Note that a group tour is often cheaper but then cannot be customized to your needs and does not offer the flexibility and personal freedom unless your a group of travelers either from one family or friends that you all book at the same time , But the private Rwenzori climbing tour is more flexible and everything is done on the travelers interests and needs and the term of experts from Rwenzori Mountaineering service will take care of you from the time you land at entebbe international airport to the time you fly back home with free extra add on like airport pick and drop within the hotels of Kampala and entebbe.

With a private safari you will enjoy a much better safari experience - you literally have the chance to really take in the sights and sounds of Africa at your own pace. You get to select your safari locations, accommodation and duration. Keep in mind also that with a private safari you can for example change your game drive timings ( Big five) , or stop along the way to take snaps, or just for a brief stop to enjoy a cold drink and admire the view-whenever you feel like -within reason of course !

7. How Do I Confirm my Trip and Pay:

Once you have confirmed your tailored itinerary and the cost with the team of experts from Rwenzori Mountaineering service, you will just need to let us know and we will confirm the tour and send you a detailed trip itinerary. Once the Trip confirmed has gorilla trekking , the company will request you to make a deposit of a given sum including the Gorilla permit fees ( 600) and the chimpanzee tracking permit (150 USD ) We accept payment either by credit card or by bank transfer, The procedures are simple ! We will explain these to you and will assist in every way possible. Credit card payments are taken online once booked and payment will be processed to Active African vacations LTD.

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