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Mount Speke

The mountain was named after the European explorer John Speke, who never climbed the mountain. It is near mount Stanley which is located in its south east. The hike to Speke starts from Bujuku hut and it is such a challenge because there are many rocks. When it rains, it gets even more challenging.

It is made up of various peaks some of which include; Vittorio Emanuele 4,890 meters (16,040 ft.), Ensonga 4,865 meters (15,961 ft.), Johnston 4,834 meters (15,860 ft.), and Trident 4,572 meters (15,000 ft.). The names to the peaks were chosen by the British protectorate of Uganda who ruled at that time in honor for the Italian royal family. Mount Speke is one of the 5 peaks that were summited by the duke of Abruzzi.

Mount Speke is located in the area of Rwenzori range that receives a lot rain and that is why it is crossed by many rivers. The vegetation around is quite thick which makes it a good place for some animals (not so easily seen) to stay like the forest elephant, chimpanzee and some antelopes especially the red duiker.