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Mount Sabinyo Volcano Hike, Virunga Mountains - Rwenzori Mountaineering Service

Mount Sabinyo is one of the three extinct volcanoes found in Mgahinga national park and its one of the rolling volcanoes that make you the splendid Virunga mountain range that cross along the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and DR. Congo. While at the Peak of Sabinyo Mountain, one can access the three countries in the Virungas massif and if one reaches the peak stands in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mount Sabinyo lies at the meeting point of all the three borders. It is more like the bloc of the Virunga range and offers the best views across the Virungas; you could call it a 360 degree experience!

The mountain is known as the hardest Volcano to climb in Uganda standing at 364m, however it offers one of the most magnificent experiences on Uganda, and it’s only in Uganda where this mountain can be climbed well. The park management in Uganda has managed to work out a safe though difficult trail that includes improvising handmade ladders to help climbers at very steep sections, it’s very difficult to climb from Rwanda and DR.

Congo all hikes to Sabinyo starts from Uganda. Mt. Sabinyo is located within Mgahinga national park and the park is located in the south western part of Uganda near the border of DR. Congo. The word Sabinyo is a local word which means ‘’ old man’s teeth and the name was sighted from the Mount Sabyinyo’s distinct summit with peaks which look like an old man’s spaced teeth.

Hiking Mount Sabinyo

All hiking activities begin very early in the morning after reporting at the park office for short briefing by the ranger guide about the dos and don’ts while climbing. In case you need to hire a porter they are readily available at the park headquarters they can help you to carry your bags and they can lift you in case you are tired it’s not exploitive to hire a porter, however that’s how they earn a living from tourism they charge between $15-$25.

Walking sticks are provided for free in case you need one. After the guide will follow you to the starting point to begin the hiking activity, the hiking activity is a one day hike and the trek is 8 hours, the trek takes about 4 hours to reach the summit and 4 hours back, however it depends on the pace, physical fitness and the weather, The trek takes you through vegetation ranges from the bamboo zone between 2400 – 2800m.

While during the hike, you will be advantaged to spot various species primate including the golden monkeys and many species of wildlife such as buffaloes, elephants, and if lucky, you can spot the endangered mountain gorillas ( Gorilla Trekking) . Various species of birds can also be seen during the hike such as the Rwenzori turaco, a stunning bird which is endemic to the Albertine rift region. When at the summit, you get the chance to be at the meeting point of all the countries including Uganda, Rwanda and the DR. Congo and enjoy the best views of all.

What to pack for mount Sabinyo hike

Hiking sabinyo is demanding, it requires early preparation and the packing items are also essential in order to achieve a great experience. The packing list include

  • Pack long sleeved shirts and trousers
  • Hiking boots/shoes
  • Don’t forget to pack rain coat it can rain at any time in Uganda
  • Stocking hat for warmth
  • Don’t forget to pack a camera with battery
  • Binocular are also essential
  • Garden gloves for cold weather at the top
  • Packed Lunch and snacks

Brief itinerary for a 3 days tour to Sabinyo

Day 1 – meet and greet with the company guide at the hotel in Kampala and then after embark on a long drive to kisoro in the south western part of Uganda which covers a distance of about 8 hours. Dinner and an overnight in Kisoro town

Day 2 – After breakfast, with packed lunch and bottled water embark on a 40 minutes drive from kisoro, to the starting point for briefing after hiking, you will return to the hotel in the evening to Kisoro for the overnight.

Day 3 – After breakfast, check out and return back to Kampala.

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