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Mount Baker- Rwenzori Mountains Trekking Tours, Uganda Safaris Tours

Mount Baker (locally known as ‘Kiyanja’) is the sixth highest mountain in Africa with Edward peak as its highest point at 4844 meters (15892ft). It is so close to mount Stanley. The mount Stanley, Mount Baker and mount Speke triangle forms the upper Bujuku valley.

Mount Baker’s ridge line was first reached in 1906 by the Austrian mountaineer Rubert Grauer who was accompanied by two British missionaries, H. E. Maddox and H. W. Tegart. The top of the mountain was first reached in June of the same year by a group of mountaineers led by the duke of Abruzzi who as well climbed the five peaks of Rwenzori.

The named the mountain baker after Sir Samuel baker who was the first European to visit Lake Albert which is located in the north east of Mountain Rwenzori.

The top of Mount Baker will give you a view of the twin peaks and the Margherita glacier and mount Speke as well as the beautiful scenery Rwenzori has to offer.

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