Selecting the best Trekking Trail on Rwenzori mountains

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September 16, 2019
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Selecting the best Trekking Trail on Rwenzori mountains

Explore Rwenzori Mountains Vegetation Cover Explore the Landscapes of Rwenzori mountains

Planning to Trek Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda? The Journey of planning starts with selecting the trail to use on the hike to the peak and which other peaks you want to enjoy the view while on Rwenzori Mountaineering tour.

Learn about the Differences between Rwenzori Trekking services and Rwenzori mountaineering services

All Kilembe peak guides have completed training with various mountain instructor training on how to handle clients, ropes and all necessary systems plus training mountain rescue techniques whereas Rwenzori mountaineering services guides were trained by national out door leadership schools some time back

Rwenzori trekking services is owned by one person called John hanwick whereas Rwenzori mountaineering services is a community based organization where by much percentage of the money paid by visitors goes back to the community

Rwenzori trekking services is one way route while Rwenzori mountaineering services operates centrally in rwenzori mountains national park

Rwenzori trekking services guides to the main routes carry satellite phones for safety and there is a rescue stretcher in every hut in case of any eventualities whereas rwenzori mountain services carry local personal phones but with stretcher in the stores for any eventuality

Rwenzori trekking services routes was discovered in February 2009 while Rwenzori mountaineering services was discovered in 1983

Kilembe routes has got good accommodation facilities with solar installed to each and every camp whereas Rwenzori mountaineering services camp it is Nyabitaba that solar was installed recently.

All kilembe camps have got warmers inside while Rwenzori mountaineering services it only bujuku that has a warmer not yet installed.

Kilembe trekking services charges $1200 each plus UWA entrance charges of $35 per day which is paid separately in cash while Rwenzori mountaineering services charges $1364 including park entrance fees.

Rwenzori trekking services clients laggage limit is 15kgs while Rwenzori mountaineering services clients laggage limit is 12.5kgs

Similarities between the companies

They all access all the peaks in the Rwenzori Mountains

They all have well trained guides

They all aim at Conserving the environment

They all provide local patronage services

They all work under Rwenzori mountains national park

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