6 days hiking mount rwenzori and gorilla trekking  

6 days  hiking  mount rwenzori and gorilla trekking  

6 days  hiking  mount rwenzori and gorilla trekking Bwindi National Park is highly recommended for guests wanting a challenging adventure during their Uganda safari. Ascend to the summit of Mountain Rwenzori until reaching Samalira Camp, then proceed to descend to the base of the mountain. Embark on a journey to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to partake in another thrilling gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, an experience much anticipated by all visitors.

The 6 days  hiking  mount rwenzori and gorilla trekking offer an extraordinary safari experience that will leave a lasting impression on you. If you are interested in combining the two activities of ascending Mount Rwenzori and gorilla trekking in Bwindi, it is advisable to book this package.

6 days  hiking  mount rwenzori and gorilla trekking  Itinerary: Day 1: Depart from Kampala and go to Kasese.

On day 1 of 6 days  hiking  mount rwenzori and gorilla trekking, you will be collected from your hotel or apartment in Kampala and transported to Kasese via Mbarara. Along the way, you will stop at Agip Motel in Mbarara for lunch. The route leads alongside Lake Victoria on a well-maintained road until Mbarara, when the topography transitions into a mountainous and verdant region adorned with tea and banana plantations.

Day 2: Start of the Hiking Expedition

On day 2 of 6 days hiking Mount Rwenzori and gorilla trekking,  journey commences at Hotel Margherita and proceeds with a drive from Kasese via Kilembe mines. The ideal time to begin is 8:30am, with a maximum departure time of 10:00am. Following the introduction to your guides and receiving instructions, you will go on foot for a distance of 2.2 kilometers to reach the rangers station of the Uganda Wildlife Authority, situated at an elevation of 1,727 meters. At this location, the rangers provide you with information about the activities planned for the day and the regulations that must be followed in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The anticipated duration of today’s hike is approximately 5 to 6 hours, covering a distance of approximately 8.6 kilometers. The hike will commence at an elevation of 1,667 meters and ascend to a height of 3,171 meters. During the initial kilometers, you will progressively ascend through untouched montane forest, characterized by towering trees, dense undergrowth, and a diverse array of bird and monkey species. Next, you will embark on a moderately challenging ascent along a prominent ridge with minimal rocks and stable ground to reach your first overnight stop at Samalira Camp, unless you begin your walk just after a large rainfall.

Upon departing from the rangers’ post, you proceed down a trail that traverses over towering grassland and ferns, eventually leading you to awe-inspiring, unspoiled woodlands. Due to the novelty of this path, the woodlands remain undisturbed and host a diverse array of trees and flora. A plethora of avian species can be audibly detected emitting melodious whistles and visually observed thriving in this abundant habitat.

The initial kilometers go slowly, via numerous minor streams and rivers, until you commence the ascent of the ridge. As you ascend, the trees grow higher and more upright. Currently, it is typical to observe and hear many species of monkeys, particularly groups of chimpanzees, resounding throughout the valleys. Specifically, in the immediate area of the location at an altitude of 2,570m, one can observe groups of 15 to 20 black and white colobus monkeys or blue monkeys swiftly moving through the trees. Following lunch, you will proceed with a gradual ascent, surpassing a rocky refuge (2,785m) that was formerly utilized by poachers for hunting primates and duikers (small antelopes). Following the rocky shelter, the ascent proceeds into the bamboo zone, where the slope becomes more pronounced. As you approach the summit, you will emerge from the dense bamboo forest and be greeted by breathtaking vistas of valleys and hills below, with a panoramic view extending to Lake George and Queen Elizabeth National Park in the far distance. Lake George is located close south of the equator. The elevation of Samalira Camp is 3,147 meters, allowing for excellent panoramic views of the surrounding terrain and Kasese town.

Day 3: Second day of the Rwenzori hike and gorilla trekking.

You will begin today’s move at approximately 8:15am after a satisfying breakfast. At first, you will ascend gradually and then traverse a small brook. After that, the ascent will become steep for almost 200 meters up a narrow ridge covered in moss. The luxuriant moss that blankets the ground and rocks beneath the towering heather trees is quite remarkable. We kindly request your assistance in safeguarding this immaculate ecosystem by adhering to the designated trail.

The panoramic vistas provide an illusion of weightlessness as we gaze upon the vast expanse of mountains and valleys stretching far beneath us. Kilembe settlement is visible in the valley, with Lake George visible in the distance.

Upon ascending the trail for a little duration, the incline gradually decreases until we arrive at Chavumba, a location denoted as “heaven,” situated at an elevation of 3,316 meters. Next, you will descend into a little valley where you could encounter giant lobelias (lobelia gibberoa). From this point, you will proceed with your ascent, traversing among trees adorned with lush green moss and a variety of plants that flourish in the always misty conditions at an elevation of 3,515 meters. Make a leftward turn onto a road that will lead you to the trail going to Kalalama.

At Kalalama Camp, you will have the opportunity to make your evening meals while enjoying a unique vantage point that offers breathtaking views of Kasese and Lake George. The southern region is characterized by the formidable precipices of Rwatamaguta and Karasimbi, which tower above and contribute to the remarkable variety found in the Rwenzori Mountains.

Day 4: Descend the hiking trail

On the fourth day of 6 days  hiking  mount rwenzori and gorilla trekking, you will gradually descend through the bamboo forests. The bamboo zone experiences higher levels of precipitation compared to the ascent towards Samalira Camp due to its location on the southern windward side of the mountain, which receives a greater amount of rainfall. At an altitude of approximately 2,600 meters, the bamboo vegetation transitions to afro-montane forests, which you encounter immediately above Sine Rock Shelter. Sine, a man who engaged in illegal hunting, resided in this rock refuge for more than three decades.

Upon reaching the base of the ridge, you will encounter a substantial and swiftly moving stream near Musenge rock shelter. At this location, you will enjoy a midday meal and a little intermission before embarking on the last leg of your journey, a 6-kilometer hike through dense montane forest, leading you to the rangers station. Following a quick debriefing, you conclude your activities and proceed to walk approximately 1.2 kilometers to the designated parking area where your vehicle will be awaiting your arrival.

Day 5: gorilla trekking in bwindi forest National Park

Obtain your morning meal and then proceed to Bwindi. You will traverse the expansive and profound arid craters that are inhabited by savanna grasses and acacia trees. This route guides you along the distinctive western rift valley escarpment and the southern region of Queen Elizabeth National Park, specifically the Ishasha sector. Here, you will embark on a game drive to locate tree-climbing lions before continuing to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

The duration of this journey is around 5 hours, during which you will drive through captivating landscapes, culminating in your arrival at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the evening. In addition to the endangered mountain gorillas, this park also houses a diverse range of primates, such as the blue and red-tailed monkeys. The forest is abundant in vegetation and exhibits a vibrant green color, complemented by the presence of flowing streams.
Commence the day by having breakfast while preparing for a gorilla trekking excursion, scheduled to commence at 8:00am with a briefing conducted by the staff of the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Make sure you bring a rain jacket, drinking water, snacks, and jungle boots, among other items.

Experienced guides will accompany you into the jungle to observe elusive primates as part of a prearranged group excursion. Remember to bring your lunch boxes and all the essential equipment for tracking the elusive mountain gorilla, which is arguably one of the most thrilling animal encounters on the planet. The process of tracking may require a time frame ranging from 2 to 6 hours, nevertheless, the outcome is highly valuable and rewarding.

The afternoon is dedicated to a village excursion, specifically the Buhoma Village Walk, which provides an excellent opportunity to see the lifestyle of the local community residing near the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Additionally, it serves as an excellent means of providing direct support to the local community. The walk commences at Buhoma Community Rest Camp and offers tourists a highly interesting and pleasant experience. Witnessing the local people’s resourcefulness will leave you astounded as you observe and acquire knowledge about their customs.

Travel back to Kampala 

Proceed back to Kampala and thereafter to Entebbe, making a stop for lunch along the way. Additionally, take a break at Igongo Cultural Centre to delve into the customs and traditions of the Ankole and Bahima communities. Afterwards, make your way to the Uganda Equator crossing before your evening departure to return home or continue to your next destination.

6 days  hiking  mount rwenzori and gorilla trekking Bwindi Includes
Accommodation and meals during the hike
All ground transfers with 4wd vehicles as per the itinerary
Park Entrance fees
Professional Guide fees
Porters 25kg per person
Professional cook
Rescue fees in case of emergency rescue on Rwenzori

6 days  hiking  mount rwenzori and gorilla trekking Bwindi Excludes
Flight fares
Personal insurance
Equipment for the hike
Extra Luggage (extra 25kg per person)
Any changes in the program itinerary while in the Rwenzori