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On this page we feature experiences , reviews and reports from previous clients that have summit Rwenzori Mountains and other other safari activities with Active African Vacations .

Twelve (12) Days Safari Tour Experience Constituting Rwenzori Trekking, Game drive and Gorilla Tracking in Uganda.


Robert Shereiner, landed at Entebbe International airport on 5th July, 2023, to commence his long-time dream Safari expedition in Uganda.   Like other seasoned tourists, Robert’s choice of the 12 days Safari Tour Package offered by the Active African Vacations Tour Company, delivered results, way far beyond his dream and value for money.

Robert’s Safari tour started on  5th July 2023 and ended on 16th  July 2023, after completing seven days hiking (ascending and descending to and from) the highest peak of Mt Rwenzori -Margherita summit,  followed by a Game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park; compounded with Gorilla tracking at Ruhija -Bwindi impenetrable forest; and conjugated with all-in-one- tour of Kampala city, before taking a return flight to Budapest, Hungary.

Robert’s Tour Road Map

On arrival at Entebbe International Airport, on 5th July 2023, Robert  was picked by the Tour company (Active African Vacations Ltd) driver, proceeded to the Company office in Kampala city (Najjanankumbi suburb) to clear outstanding payments before  leaving the capital city to enjoy the nine hours road drive tour to Southwestern Uganda, at Rwenzori Mountains National Park.  After hiking the Rwenzori Mountains, Robert traveled to Queen Elizabeth National Park, then to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest; and finally returned to Kampala for a city tour before taking a return flight to Hungary, his home country.

Experience Associated With Road Drive To Tour Attraction Centers

Robert’s road drive tour experience started right after he was picked from Entebbe International Airport in the early hours on 5th July 2023 by the tour company driver. Unfortunately, Robert did not see much on his way from Entebbe International Airport to the head office of Active African Vacations tour company to clear the balances on his 12 days safari tour package.

On his way to Kasese municipality (the permanent base of Rwenzori Mountains National Park), Robert used the road route via Fort portal municipality, approximately 700km, 8hours drive on smooth surface road, as opposed to the route via Masaka -Mbarara cities, est at 800kms, 9hrs road drive on smooth surface road net work. The road trip via Fort portal was melodiously characterized, not only by one hour lunch break- stop-over at Fort-portal municipality, but also by uninterrupted window viewing of the varied topographic  landscape, amazing terrain, vegetation cover, tea plantations, wild life protected areas, a mix of land use practices, road-side fresh food/vegetable and fruit markets, local municipalities, such as, Mityana, Mubende, Fort-portal and Kasese; including local trading Centres/ towns and the Toro kingdom palace headquarter at Fort-portal.

Other road trips, such as, from Nyakalengijo base camp to Queen Elizabeth National Park, a distance approx. 35kms, one hour drive via Kasese municipality; and from Queen Elizabeth National Park to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest; and from Bwindi to Kampala city vial Mbarara- Masaka cities were characterized by attractive features, such as, gazetted settlements in and around the National Parks and protected areas.  A brief stop over at Bikorongo Park offices enabled Robert and his driver to secure the entrance permit for the visitor and the vehicle before proceeding to Katungulu Park offices where Robert game drive tour started.

Video Credit to Johannes Gruenwald >> Hiked Mountains of the Moon

Robert traveled from Queen Elizabeth National Park to Bwindi impenetrable forest using Ishasha route via Kihihi town, a distance approx 75kms; and also used Mbarara – Masaka route on his return journey from Bwindi impenetrable forest to Kampala city. His return journey was characterized by spectacular viewing of Kabale municipality, Mbarara city, Masaka city and Kampala city suburbs traffic jam at Busega traffic circle

Rwenzori Trekking Tour Experience

At Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Robert spent his first night at Rubboni Community Camp. He started hiking the Rwenzori Mountains on the 6th of July 2023, and continued hiking in the subsequent days until he reached Margherita summit (5109m), the highest peak of the Rwenzori Mountains, on 10th July 22023; and returned to Nyakalengijja (1615m), the base camp on 12th July 2023. Robert successfully achieved his dream tour adventure: Rwenzori mountain hiking up to Margherita summit.

Robert’s Experience While In A Game drive Tour in Queen Elizabeth National Park –

From Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Robert proceeded to Queen Elizabeth National Park to enjoy the morning Game-drive on 13th July 2023. During the game-drive, he was able to see the different types of wild animals; some in groups, and others as individual animals, innocently wandering in the park.  Among other animals that Robert saw, include, small herds of African Elephants; big herds of Buffalos, Cobs, Antelopes, Bush bucks, Whathogs; a school of hippopotamus; the cats (four grown-up lions) at Kasenyi Wildlife sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Robert’s Experience While At Kasenyi Tourist Reluxation Centre and The Salt Lake 

He also visited Kasenyi salt lake and Kasenyi tourist centre.  This area is located inside Queen Elizabeth National Park and accommodates both the salt lake and the tourist relaxation centre where different tour memorial items are sold. He visited the salt lake at Kasenyi and saw how the local people use the salt lack to survive by extracting crude salt from individually owned salt pans. At Kasenyi salt lake, Robert witnessed local practices of mining salt from the salt lake, while listening to a paid-local guide to gain a clear understanding of the history of the salt lake; how the local people extract and market the salt to earn a living, marketing price,  the use of the salt, the challenges associated and why the Park allowed them to do so.

Tree Climbing Lions Additionally, Robert saw the flamingo birds at Kasenyi Salt Lake. According to the local guide, the Flamingo birds seasonally migrate from Lake Nakuru in Kenya to Kasenyi salt lake. While at Kasenyi salt lake, the birds gradually change their colour from white to Pink, due to salt like substances consumed as food.

Robert’s Experience While On The Boat Cruise On Kazinga Channel

After viewing the Kasenyi Salt Lake, Robert moved to Kazinga channel to enjoy a one hour boat cruise on Lake Edward. While on a boar cruise, Robert saw more wild animals and different bird species, that come to feed, to drink water and also to cool their bodies in the fresh water lake.   Other interesting things that Robert saw were: the famous point where Lake Edward meets Lake George; crocodiles, hippopotamus, Elephants, fishing boats, and different bird species; the local people and other tourists.

Ruhija – GorillaTracking experience- Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

After enjoying some of the tourism attractive features of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Robert proceeded to Bwindi impenetrable forest using Ishasha -kigezi route via Kihihi town. At Bwindi impenetrable forest, Robert spent two nights at the Gorilla Mist Camp, relaxed and refreshed in preparation of Gorilla tracking at Ruhija Gorilla tracking sector on  the 15th July 2023.

At Ruhija, all tourists gather in one big to receive a briefing about Gorilla tracking and what is required of each during the tracking by the senior ranger. After that, tourist are allocated groups, each comprising 8 members, in accordance to the six Gorilla families present at Ruhija sector.

There are six Gorilla families at Ruhija Sector; and these are Bitukura (13 Gorillas), Kyaguliho (7 Gorillas),  Kyagure A, Kyagure B,  Mukize (16 gorillas) and Ovuzugu (10 gorillas). On that day,  Robert successfully tracked the Bitukura Gorilla family. The Bitukura team was led by Nelson, a park ranger, in accompaniment of two armed soldiers and a female internee.  Unfortunately all tourist who tracked Gorillas on that day (15/7/2023) did not receive certificates because they were out of stock.

After tracking the Gorillas at Ruhija, Robert travelled to Kampala city for a city tour on the following day (16/7/2023). While in Kampala, Robert spent a night at Onomo Luxury Hotel   where he was picked on 16/7/2023 to enjoy the city tour.

Kampala city Tour Experience

During the city tour, Robert enjoyed seeing the following tourist attraction places: The Uganda Museum at Kitante, Uganda National referral Hospital at Mulago, Makerere University campus, Uganda National Mosque, adjacent to Captain Lugard’s Fort at Mengo hill,  Uganda National Anglican Cathedral at  Namirembe hill, Uganda National Catholic Cathedral at Rubaga hill, The royal palace of the king of Buganda  at Bulange, Mengo hill, the royal home of the king of Buganda on mengo hill, the Kampala City Authority headquarters (White house) and The Parliament of Uganda premise at the city centre.  After the city tour, Robert drove to Entebbe  Town to spend two nights before catching his next flight to return home in Hungary.


The End


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