Mount Rwenzori village tour

Mount Rwenzori Village Tour

The Mount Rwenzori Village Tour, commencing at Ruboni Community Camp, will provide guided access to five distinct households within the hamlet. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in immersive activities at several households, where they can observe and actively participate in local trades such as crafting traditional handicrafts, sharing oral traditions, utilizing herbs and rituals for local healing practices, and even learning the art of blacksmithing. Experience a guided tour of the farm where you can witness the cultivation of food and gain knowledge on the process of preparing a freshly brewed coffee beverage.

Travel itinerary for Mount Rwenzori Village Tour

The abode of the traditional storyteller
Commence a walk from the camp under the guidance of a guide. You will receive a warm reception in the neighborhood residence. Immerse yourself in an authentic African experience as you sit on traditional wooden stools and listen to captivating Bakonzo folklore narrated by a knowledgeable local elder. This is an illustration of how the Bakonzo tribe imparts cultural and social values to the younger generations through education.

The residence of the blacksmith
Discover the techniques employed by the nearby blacksmith to repurpose aged metal into functional implements for both domestic and occupational purposes, including spears, knives, hammers, and several other tools. Witness the captivating narrative of how this endeavor is beneficial to both his family and society. You will be given the chance to engage in fireworks, select metals, or purchase pre-made tools to bring home as souvenirs.

Artisan’s residence

Historically, women in the hamlet were responsible for crafting all of their household tools and implements. You will be actively involved in the production of traditional crafts that are commonly utilized in families on a daily basis. Items such as baskets, paper beads, table mats, and various other products. You have the option to bring some of the crafts home.

Residence of traditional healers.

The local healer will demonstrate how he utilizes traditional powers derived from local folklore to treat various maladies and calamities. You will be presented with a selection of remedies that the local inhabitants rely on once they have fully recovered their physical well-being and good fortune.

The residence of the farmers

Upon arrival, you will be shown to the nearby gardens where coffee, bananas, and vanilla are cultivated alongside vegetables and domestic animals. Next, you will be guided through the agro-value addition procedures, during which the family members will roast coffee for consumption. During the visit, you will have the opportunity to sample or purchase various products such as banana wine and mushrooms. This is the final stage, and once completed, you will be prepared to return to the camp following the agricultural encounter.

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When to climb Rwenzori Mountains

7 Days Rwenzori Trekking Expeditions, Rwenzori Mountains Central Circuit

As its well know that Rwenzori mountaineering takes you through either of the two routes, book the 7 days Rwenzori mountain central circuit trail to hike through the various vegetation covers up to the top of margherita peak the highest point on Uganda’s famous rwenzori mountains national park located in south west with the nearest time being kasese.

3 days trek to Mahoma Loop central circuit.

7 Days Rwenzori Trekking Expeditions - Kilembe Trail Hike

As its well-known that Rwenzori Mountains have two hiking routes that the Kilembe Trail and the Central Circuit that all lead you to Margherita Peak which the best place for hikers in Uganda.

Either you book the 8 Days/ 7 nights Rwenzori central circuit hike or 8 days/ 7 night Rwenzori kilembe Trail you will experience the ultimate adventure goal of reaching 

8 Days Rwenzori Trekking Expeditions, Central Circuit Rwenzori Mountains

8 Days Climbing rwenzori Mountain or 7 Days climb rwenzori central circuit tour is adventure of life time, due to its good looks and remoteness. Basically, it maximizes the chances for summit success rate by many hikers. This reduced traffic jams at certain poiv  nts and also made for a more enjoyable experience by restraining crowds.

4 days Rwenzori Mountain trekking

3 days trek to Mahoma Loop central circuit.

On the first day of 3 days trek to Mahoma Loop central circuit journey, we will start in Nyakalengija, which is situated at an elevation of 1560 meters. Our destination for the day is the Omukakiza camp, located at an altitude of 2500 meters.

On 3 days trek to Mahoma Loop central circuit, start your day by quickly contacting the reservation officer of Rwenzori Mountaineering Service to arrange for guides and porters.

4 days Rwenzori Mountain trekking

12 Days Rwenzori Mountain Trek - Rwenzori Peaks Expeditions

Planning to trek all rwenzori Mountains reaching to all peaks in the great rwenzori Mountains National parks in Uganda. Rwenzori Mountaineering has designed the 12 days Rwenzori Trekking as an alternative for 12 Days gorilla trekking & Rwenzori Trekking to explore the various vegetation cover on various mountains on the mountain of the moon. Optional travelers interested in trekking Elgon mountains , book the 6 Days Mount Elgon & Sipi hike with Rwenzori mountaineering service 

4 days Rwenzori Mountain trekking

6 Days Climbing Weismans peak in Rwenzori Mountains : Trek Rwenzori

There is no glacier on Weismann and no need for ropes or technical equipment, except in very poor conditions. On a clear day, the view from the top of Weismann to the Kachope Lakes below and to Mts Stanley and Baker in the distance is marvellous.

The route to Weismann Peak from Kilembe and back takes 6 days. See our Weismann Peak climbing itinerary. Weismann Peak can be climbed en route to Margherita/Baker – allow an extra day.