Tatra Peak

Tatra Peak – Rwenzori Trekking -Unbeaten trails

As its well known that  Most people who come to  trek rwenzori mountains is to reach to the peak of snow caped as they miss seeing and knowing this most lovely place of Tatra Peak that is less popular and known to know Rwenzori Mountaineering  the destination experts in offering trekking tours to Rwenzori Mountains in western Uganda .

The extra add in uganda is the wildlife and the endangered mountain gorilla however we do have clients that purposely looking for the glaciers found on Rwenzori mountains with the most recommended days being 7 Days Trekking tours.

Even today, hiking into the Rwenzori range is like stepping into a lost world. Fewer than 2,000 people a year visit the place. For long stretches, you see no one. And there are surprises by the hour, from worms as long as your walking stick, to iridescent greenish-purple sun birds and the elusive, brilliant-blue Rwenzori turaco.

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