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Mount Stanley- Rwenzori Mountains , Uganda Hiking tours

Mount Stanley was named after a journalist explorer Sir Henry Murton Stanley who was the first European to reach the range. The Rwenzori range is part of Rwenzori mountains national park, it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site. It is located at the border of Uganda and D.R Congo. With an elevation of 5109 meters, it’s the third highest mountain Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro and Kenya.

It is the highest in Uganda with 9 peaks that are high enough to support glaciers. Research projects that by 2025; there will be no more glaciers in Rwenzori depending on the rate at which it is reducing.

Some of the peaks on Margherita Peak 5,109 meters (16,763ft), Alexandra 5,091 meters (16,703ft), Albert 5,087 meters (16,690ft), Savoia 4,977 meters (16,330ft), Ellena 4,968 meters (16,300ft), Elizabeth 4,929 meters (16,170ft), Phillip 4,920meters (16,140ft), Moebius 4,916meters (16,130ft), Great Tooth 4,603 meters (15,100ft).

As you hike to the top of mount Stanley, which is Margherita peak, you pass through 2 glaciers i.e. the Stanley and the margarita glaciers. The Margherita glacier separates Margherita and Alexandra peaks, since they are close to each other, most people love to refer to them as ‘twin peaks’.

At margherita peak you will have a beautiful view of the rwenzori ranges with beautiful scenery of the various mountains like Speke and baker, the lakes like Bujuku Irene and beautiful ridges and valleys, this will only happen if the weather is clear.