13 Days Rwenzori Trekking

Day 1: Nyakalengija 1650m – Nyabitaba camp 2650m +25°c

You wake up in the cool air nyakalengija hotels, meet your guides,escorts and soon set off on the 5 hours walk Nyabitaba camp at 2650m. You walk through a dense forest canopy,view variety of birds species, monkeys and you may have a chance to see the mountain elephants.

It takes 6.5 km from nyakalengija to Nyabitaba camp.

Dinner and an overnight

Day 2: Nyabitaba camp 1650m – Johnmaate camp 3505m +15°c

The gloomy but breathtaking beautiful portal peaks greet you in the morning and shadow your right shoulder as you cross the confluence of the mubuku and Bujuku rivers by Kurt Shafer bridge,climbing and descending through bamboo forest,moss and lichen festooned trees Leeds you to Johnmaate camp.

Here evening sun often brings a tantalizing glimpse of gold struck margherita and  Alexandria  peaks and you would enjoy seeing the Snow.

It takes 7 hrs walk 7.5 km from Nyabitaba to Johnmaate camp.

Dinner and an overnight

Day 3: Johnmaate camp 3505m – skul cave (pitch a tent)

From Johnmaate camp,the trail takes you through the tiring bog in the Heather/ Rupenia zones and high chances of seeing the Rwenzori Turaco birds are high here.

It takes 6-7 hours from John hut to skull cave camp for dinner and an overnight.


Day 4: skull cave

camp – lac de laluna camp (tent pitch)

Breathtaking taking views down the valley of Congo sides start your day as you ascend steeply to lac de laluna camp.

It’s a tough day but ofcourse worthy because you shall get a clear view of Congolese homesteads as you ascend to the camp.

It takes 7-8 hours walk from skull cave to lake de laluna for a wilderness dinner and an overnight.


Day 5: lac de laluna camp – mount Emin – umberto peak 4798 m

Wake up early in the morning for breakfast as this walk takes you through the tiring though beautiful landscapes, dungs of Rwenzori duiker are your favourable board walks before you ascend steeply to the bare rocks of the umberto peak at 4798 m.

Zoom your camera on top of the peak,take lots of photos and return back to lac de laluna camp for dinner and an overnight.


Day 6: lac de laluna camp – bigo camp 3505m

It’s a gentle walk from lac de la to bigo camp though a bit challenging as it descends down to bigo camp. It gives you chance to see mount Baker, mount Stanley and mount speke.

Takes 8 hours from. Lac de laluna to Bigo camp.

Dinner and an overnight.


Day 7: Bigo camp 3505 m – Bujuku camp 3900m +12°c

Breath taking views down the valley start your day  4 hours of difficult boggy but rewarding conditions will take  you through the upper bigo bogs and passing through the aerial beauty of lake Bujuku (3900m),it’s a black cold and struck body of water over looked by Bujuku camp.

Dinner and an overnight.


Day 8: Bujuku camp 3900m – mount speke (Victoria Emmanuel peak 4520m.

Prepare with your guides early in the morning as this is considered one of toughest but rewarding climb in the Rwenzoris.

From Bujuku it ascends you to stuhlmans pass with a reason because Dr stuhlmans recognized that Rwenzori is not a single mountain but  a range and he was the first european  to describe accurately the successive zones of vegetation from foothills to the snowline in the Rwenzoris.

After this enjoyable pass the trail takes you right to the snowline of mount speke up to the top at 4520m.

After taking your wonderous photos return back to Bujuku camp for dinner and breakfast.


Day 9: Bujuku camp 3900m – Elena camp 4541m -5°c

From Bujuku ,climb over a head of the gully, a metal ladder takes you over a steep section after which the trail cuts into two. The trail on your right leads up to Elena camp 4541m and mount Stanley on a steep trail over larger boulders,while the trail on your left leads to Scott Elliot pass 4300m and down to kitandara lakes camp.

From Bujuku to Elena takes 4 hrs walk then dinner and an over night.


Day 10: Elena camp  4541m – summit margherita peak 5109m and Albert peak at once and return back to elena camp for lunch and continue down to kitandara lakes camp.

Rising early,you prepare with your guide to attempt margherita peak. A difficult traverse of more boulders and steep slippery rocks is followed by an easier but still challenging (remember the altitude) trudge in cramboons a long the Stanley plateau before the final ascent leading to the summits of margherita  peaks.

After taking good pictures from the summit return back to Elena camp for hot lunch and continue down to kitandara lakes camp for dinner and an overnight.


  1. kitandara lakes camp 4027m – summit weismans peak and return back to kitandara lakes for dinner and an overnight


Day 12: kitandara lakes camp 4023 m – summit Mount baker Edward peak 4844m and continue down to Guyeoman camp 3505m


Day 13: Guyeoman camp 3505m – Nyabitaba camp 2650m for lunch and continue down to nyakalengija for hot showers.

Your final day and all you can think of is a hot bath and a restaurant meal, but you have to wait a bit longer to walk through the bogs and bamboo forest to proceed your second glimpse of Nyabitaba to have a night or just a cup of coffee and onward to nyakalengija. You arrive in mid afternoon, exhausted,but with a smile and memories of your nice trek.


End of the tour